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Reasons Why Velcro Badges Are Ideal for Airsoft Patches

Reasons Why Velcro Badges Are Ideal for Airsoft Patches

Sometimes, a game with a little action and strategy is helpful for your physical and mental nourishment. And if that game reminds you of the military, you are associating yourself with the coolest folks ever born.

However, you should first consider some intricacies. For instance, the details of the game's uniform, especially the patches and its backing.

For your ease, ThePatchio has written here a guide on how Velcro badges are ideal for Airsoft patches.

If you prefer to deviate from this topic and dive into the history of biker patches instead, you are welcome to click on the link we just added.

Benefits of Velcro Badges for Airsoft Patches

Identification of Team

One of the reasons why Velcro badges are ideal for Airsoft patches is the identification of the team. The design of the patch will depict the information regarding that team in a uniform.

Moreover, oftentimes, your aim becomes to alter the team. In this case, you can keep the uniform and attach a new patch with Velcro backing.

This can save you cost and time. You do not have to unstitch a patch first in order to stitch a new one. Or, you do not have to buy a new uniform that comprises the new Airsoft patch.

Velcro backing is a blend of a hook and a loop and requires any one of the latter two for a firm hold. If you can arrange these elements, you can confidently do the rest.

Resistance and Durability

Airsoft requires many movements from the players. The action with the use of weapons demands clothes of good quality. The combination of Velcro backing and Airsoft patches can give you endurance.

This blend is perfect to withstand wear and tear. Moreover, if players face any splashes of liquid or dust, Velcro can become a valuable rebel.

Alongside all these aspects, the Airsoft patches with Velcro are very long lasting, clearing for you the reasons why Velcro badges are ideal for Airsoft patches.

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The personalization factor assists you in getting the patch of your choice. Whatever team symbol you love to represent, the personalization service of any patch-making company can do.

Besides, you can attain the size and shape of Velcro backing according to your desire. Also, it is not necessary to have the same size and shape of Velcro backing as that of an Airsoft patch.

You can ask for changes during the placement of your order. Additionally, we would love to help you in this matter; just check out the category on custom Airsoft patches.

Tips to Use Velcro Badges for Airsoft Patches

Material Quality

In order to purchase or consider Velcro badges for Airsoft patches, the most prominent factor is the quality of the material. This is equally important for the Velcro as well as the fabric you are putting on.

Sometimes, you have good quality patches and backing, but the jacket, vest, or any clothes you are placing on disappoints. You should thoroughly review the fabric of the vest in order to keep things intact.

Moreover, you have to make up your mind regarding the material you are opting for the patch. For instance, there are variations like PVC, leather, or cotton.

To comprehend the idea that Velcro badges are ideal for Airsoft patches, you should determine beforehand the materials that are best for the Airsoft game.

Also, the quality of Velcro matters a lot. You cannot consult a patch production company that is not reliable or produces low-durable products.

Please note one fact: we never sell low-quality patches products.


The design of a patch has its own worth. It represents the information you admire showing regarding Airsoft. For instance, a patch can comprise some symbols or texts.

If you are not sure about the design, you require artwork revisions from the patch manufacturing company. This procedure can become time-consuming and will adversely affect your budget.

Also, you can do some research on Airsoft teams and their costumes. The Internet has an abundance of information concerning this topic; therefore, make good use of it.

Once you confirm the design, you should make sure they attach Velcro beneath it.

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The cost of Velcro badges and Airsoft patches should align with your savings. You will not like being broke; therefore, always negotiate the price details.

Although we sell products with extremely affordable and just prices, you can opt for any patch company you prefer.

Even if you find that the companies or shopping sites are selling these products at high costs, prioritize the product quality. If the latter is fine, it is absolutely satisfactory to invest a little more money.

Furthermore, if various patch materials are suitable for your use, you can compare the prices. Afterward, you can pick the one that suits you the best.


Velcro has many usages, and one of them is as a backing of Airsoft patches. This wise idea results in many perks, for instance, durability.

It can stay with the patch almost forever unless you intentionally and forcefully try to remove it. Moreover, Velcro can ease the game by allowing the players to move around in rain or dusty areas.

Velcro backing can comfortably hold the intricacy of the Airsoft patch design. You can order the style and material of the patch of your preference and stop worrying about its backing.

Also, just like our services on custom patches, there are other outlets too. However, before you make the purchase, you should make sure whether the patching-creating company offers this service,

Personalization lets you create your own logo and symbols for Airsoft. The addition of your favorite color schemes and design detailing can enhance the worth of the Airsoft uniform as well.

Before leaving our website, you can read about the different types of customized patches.

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