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Durable and Versatile Custom PVC Patches

Elevate your brand with eye-catching custom PVC patches featuring your logos, artwork, or unique designs.

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Custom PVC patches

Why Do You Need PVC Patches?

When it comes to patches that withstand the test of time, there’s no better option than PVC patches. While classic embroidered and chenille patches once took the lead for custom patch orders for both personal creative use and branding purposes, PVC patches are now just as sought after. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) proves to be a fantastic material for crafting durable patches and other creative goods, which are not only appealing but have the added advantage of being waterproof and flexible.

Hence, PVC patches are one of the most popular patches we offer at ThePatchio. Where embroidered patches are beautiful but lack the weather-resisting factor, and leather patches have a limited range of colors, PVC patches meet every desired quality that you want in your patches. You can take any artwork you like and convert it to a custom PVC patch with the peace of mind knowing these are durable, versatile, and waterproof. PVC patches genuinely have it all!

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Cut to shape PVC patches

Benefits of Custom PVC Patches

Unleash Your Inner Artist with our Custom PVC Patches

If you're interested in creating a hilarious piece of art that will look great on a patch, be our guest and put your creativity to the test, and we will transform your vision into reality!

Custom Designed PVC Patches Ideas

We take pride in working alongside our customers! No idea is too complex; we welcome your concepts for creative logos, funny emblems, or even serious designs. Our design experts, with their unmatched expertise, are ready to take on your funny sketches, vector graphics, quotes, and other forms of artwork—and refine the design to be converted into a beautiful set of patches.

Design your patch with ThePatchio and get excellent results. Our experts, adept at handling intricate details such as patterns, facial expressions, speech bubbles, and other features of humorous artwork, ensure the highest quality in every patch.

Light or dark humor, we love all kinds of artwork from our customers and will be happy to process your custom PVC patch design to perfection. Besides high-quality work, you also benefit from no minimum order quantity for funny tactical patches.

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Stand Out with 2D & 3D PVC Patches

When designing PVC patches for branding patches or any other use, you can choose between two-dimensional and three-dimensional ones. Where 2D PVC patches have a smooth appearance, like on-screen artwork that comes to life almost perfectly, 3D PVC patches take things up a notch with a textured look.

2d 3d PVC Patch Design ThePatchio

The Power of 2D PVC Patches

Perfect lines, vivid colors, and versatile uses make 2D patches perfect for all branding and personal crafting needs. With ThePatchio, getting 2D PVC patches becomes simplified as we meet your vision and expectations and streamline your design for high-quality results efficiently!

Add Dimension with 3D PVC Patches

If you need PVC patches but with a bit more personality, 3D patches are the way to go. These are created by experts who painstakingly 'layer' PVC to add textures to different design areas and add depth to the overall patches.

From eye-catching logos to symbolic badges, dive into a fully customized design process when placing an order for PVC patches. Choose from various colors, sizes, and shapes, and customize graphics and text elements.

PVC Patch Backing Types

Sew-on backing

Sew-On Backing

There is no better option than sew-on backing. Since PVC requires careful handling when attaching, getting your patches professionally stitched is ideal. You can also opt for hand-sewing PVC patches for a personal project, though it is recommended that you practice carefulness to maintain the shape of the patches and ensure they look neat and clear on the surface they’re latched on.

Velcro backing

Velcro Backing

Need a removable and reusable PVC patch? Velcro-lined (hook-and-snap) patches are a perfect option. We use high-quality hook-and-loop backing for all PVC Velcro patches. Of all custom patch options, Velcro backing is ideal for PVC patches worn occasionally, such as logo patches specially designed for celebrating a milestone. Velcro patches are also famous for tactical gear patches for law enforcement, the military, and more.

Iron-on Backing

Iron-on Backing

Gone are the days of complicated sewing or waiting for glue to dry. Our PVC patches now offer the ease of iron-on application, as they are made of high-grade PVC that can withstand heat! They consist of innovative pre-laid adhesives that can be activated by applying iron onto the patch. This allows for quick and secure attachment, perfect for personalizing clothing, bags, or any fabric surface.

From Sketch to Shipment: Seamless Patch Creation with ThePatchio

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Elevate Your Brand Identity with Custom PVC Patches

Businesses from around the U.S. in many industries rely on ThePatchio for all their branding accessories and creative custom patch needs. Our team is highly trained to process bulk orders efficiently with zero compromises on quality.

We also allow complete customization to ensure the patches align with your brand persona. Choose ThePatchio for PVC patches so businesses can enjoy the extensive list of benefits.

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Medical PVC patch design

Why Choose ThePatchio for PVC Patches

  •   One of the leading custom patch manufacturers in the U.S. offering premium-grade PVC patches.

  •   No minimum order limit, affordable PVC patches, bulk discounts, and other awesome incentives!

  •   Customizable PVC patches allow complete personalization. Free design tools and patch artist support are available.
  •   Fast turnaround for all orders of custom PVC patches. Express delivery option available.

  •   Complete customer support, from the design process to updates on orders to follow-up advice and aid.

  •   Free backing, minimal and significant changes approved, and other helpful perks, with fantastic results of high-quality PVC patches.

Who Can Order PVC Patches

These lightweight and vibrant personalized PVC patches are the ultimate solution for those with diverse interests in creating logos, emblems, symbols, and more—whether ordering a small batch or in bulk.

Aim Medical PVC Patch

Businesses & Organizations

Need a unique idea for brand promotion? Custom PVC patches prove to be an excellent means of marketing a business, increasing team-building efforts, and promote your brand with your customers. We offer you a complete solution for creating branding PVC patches, military PVC patches, corporate gifting patches, and more.

Enter the Blight Patch Design

Local & Pro Sports Team

Do you need custom patches for jackets, jerseys, and other gear for your sports team? At ThePatchio, we use high-quality material and top-of-the-line technology to produce impressive sports PVC patches that withstand weather elements—perfect for outdoor use!

Beep Beeop Design PVC Patches

Artists & Other Creatives

Have a unique project in mind that requires the use of top-notch PVC patches? Partner with us, and we’ll transform your ideas into gorgeous PVC patches. Whether you need to create PVC badges, add charms to shoes, or make patches for tote bags, we’re here to fulfill your goal by producing fantastic PVC patches.

Customize Beyond the Basics with ThePatchio

Multi Colors PVC Patches

Primary colors, pastels, bold and loud, with a touch of metallic, and more—we have experience creating patches using a broad spectrum of hues. Color is a PVC patch feature that takes the lead in overall appeal. Since we custom-dye PVC to match your design, we will match every color in your artwork. Trust our team to deliver the exact color results for varied personalized PVC patch options.

Custom Shape PVC Patch

If you're looking to steer from traditional rounds and squares in PVC patches and want to design something bespoke—you have come to the right place. Choose any shape you like, and experience the finest custom-designed PVC patches. It's important to note that custom-shaped PVC patches cost more than classic shape patches, as ThePatchio team requires more material and work to custom-create molds for your unique PVC patches. That said, rest assured that we offer affordable rates all around!

Discover Our Amazing PVC Patches Creations

Over the years, we have garnered exceptional experience creating customized PVC patches for individual artists and businesses. Take a look at our high-quality work, and explore more PVC patches!

Need a Custom Patch? Design Your Own Today!

ThePatchio is your one-stop shop for high-quality, long-lasting, and affordable PVC patches. As experts in custom embroidered, chenille, woven, sublimated, leather, and, of course, PVC patches, we can fulfill your ideas and instructions to the dot.

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PVC patches, also known as polyvinyl chloride patches, are durable and weatherproof emblems that can be customized with logos, designs, or text . They are popular for decorating a variety of items, including jackets, vests, hats, backpacks, and bags.

PVC patches are one of the common non-fabric applications because they are highly weather-resistant. The natural malleable quality of PVC Patches allow easy dyes, making your patches stand out with vibrant visuals.

We offer two kinds of PVC patches: 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional. 2D PVC patches consist of a solo smooth level, with slight texturing present due to the design. 3D PVC patches feature 'layers,' with different design parts at various depths to create a 3D look.

Design your PVC patches, choosing from a wide range of sizes. Minimum sizing for PVC patches typically starts at 2 inches, while the maximum width/length is 10-15 inches, depending on the complexity of your design.

PVC patches are among the longest-lasting patches available. They are resistant to moisture and easy to clean, and they don't stain, fade, or crack like other kinds of patches.

Yes. Since the base material (polyvinyl chloride) does not absorb water, PVC patches are water-resistant.

Our MOQ (minimum order quantity) is determined based on the design of the patch and how much each patch will cost to create. That said, rest assured that we have a low minimum order quantity requirement for your ease and affordability.

We typically take 5-7 days to process your order and ship it to you. We have partnered with reliable shipping partners to ensure your order arrives on time.

Yes. You can provide us with requirements and let us take the lead on the complete design. We also accept rough sketches and drafts, refining them into proper graphics for easy conversion and high-quality results.

You can provide us with original and downloaded image files to convert into PVC patches. That said, our design experts may guide you about any refinement needed, so your artwork can be processed flawlessly

We recommend you submit your image file in high-quality (300 dpi minimum) JPEG or PNG formats. A PDF file is also adequate, though the image dimensions should be prominent.

Our PVC patch rates depend on several factors, such as size, shape, color range, backing, and other details. That said, we offer competitive quotes for all orders of PVC patches.

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