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Flexible & Soft Custom PVC Patches

Are you craving to shop durable custom made PVC patches within a limited budget? ThePatchio has got you covered!

We use high-quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is sturdy and moldable, for our custom patches. This waterproof and lightweight soft plastic has high impact strength. Moreover, our personalized PVC patches can withstand extreme weather conditions and corrosive elements, which make them perfect for outdoor use. Besides, we offer custom PVC patches no minimum quantity services to all our customers.

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Online Shopping Customized PVC Patches for Clothing

With features like custom PVC patches no minimum, reduced prices, and creative designs, you can avail of them for clothing. Our custom PVC patches for hats entail a variety of styles from sports to military. Moreover, you can attach these long-lasting patches on sweaters, biker jackets, beanies, sweatshirts, coats, blazers, polo shorts, and trousers.

How to make PVC patches?

No need to hassle; all you have to do is select a style, color scheme, and size. Let us know about special requirements, like the type of backing and 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional effects for PVC patches for hats or other attires. Also, we support art revisions.

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Why ThePatchio for Custom PVC Patches?

Our excellence in selling customize patch products reveals our commitment to our customers. We have a huge product catalogue and we welcome creativity in manufacturing custom PVC patches. Also, we use genuine materials and our designers are skillful in creating complicated detailing on patches.


Who Needs Our Custom PVC Patches?

Thousands of customers, from organizations to individuals, in the USA love our polyvinyl chloride custom products. Our collection includes a variety of firefighters and military PVC patches, amongst others, such as:

  • Police Department
  • Air Force
  • School Accessories
  • Professional Clothing
  • Fashion Department
  • Tactical Equipment
  • Homeland Security
  • Navy

Easy to Order 2D & 3D PVC Patches

Placing an order for 3D or 2D personalized patches of PVC is incredibly easy. Our reliable and quick manufacturing services let you receive the patch products in a short period of time. Dial our official number or forward an email possessing all the requirements for 2-dimensional or custom 3D PVC patches. Our customer care professionals with communicate the rest as soon as possible.

Our PVC Patch Backing Types

Sew-on Backing

Sew-on backing allows you to stitch the patch yourself to the clothing or accessory. If you request this sort of backing on PVC personalized patches, we will show care in keeping the backing sewable for you. Also, you can fasten them on various materials like denim, leather, or plush.

Velcro Backing

We can attach a hook for creating a Velcro backing for your PVC patch. This backing offers strength and a loop for a firm grip. Moreover, PVC patches with Velcro backing support various sizes and shapes. Even both 2D and 3D patch effects are applicable for Velcro PVC patches backing.

We Prepare Your Order in Just 4 Steps

Shopping PVC customized patches with ThePatchio is simple, accurate, quick & reliable.

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Wholesale to Rubber PVC Patches, We Got a Huge Variety!

The nation well-recognizes us because of the precise quantity and premium quality of our products. We are capable of accepting and delivering bulk orders in no time. Also, our experts are always ready to provide a limitless color scheme, shape, or design consultation.

  •  Free Virtual Proofs
  •  Free 10 Colors
  •  Free Sew-on/Velcro Backings
  •  Low 15-Pieces Minimum
  •  Express Delivery Available
  •  High Quality

And Yes, We Create Personalized Funny PVC Patches Too!

  •  Our proficient designers can correctly copy the funny sketches or ideas you forward.
  •  You can consult our experts for morale PVC patches.
  •  We accept intricate designs like facial expressions as well.
  •  You are welcome to submit dark humor suggestions for patches.
  •  ThePatchio offers no minimum for tactical PVC patches as well.
  •  Our manufacturers can input their creative comedic tactics on patch designs.

Stack your queries in our Chat Box and relish a quick conversation with one of our customer care agents! Ask us anything concerning order tracking, personalized rubber patches, 3D military patches, and more!


No Minimum

There is no minimum cost or quantity for your orders. All you need to do is submit your design idea, and we will process the order in the same way as the requirement submission.


Anime PVC Patches

The enigma and freshness of anime are absolutely possible on our PVC products. We make sure to respect anime culture and deliver the best quality.


Sports Logos

Your favorite sports team deserves creative recognition. We offer services to design sports logos on PVC custom products with exactness.

2D VS 3D Logo Patches


2D is a more affordable option than 3D. It comprises multiple layers, however, on a horizontal plane. For simple PVC customized patch designs, 2D is a perfect suggestion.


It is a perfect selection for aesthetically pleasing design. 3D also comprises more than one layer; nonetheless, the last layer is rounded off.

Our PVC Patches Portfolio

Check out samples of our high-quality customized PVC 2D & 3D patches designed for top brands and companies

Do you require professional patch designers to customize creative PVC Patches?

Well, you are at the right site! Our services are available 24/7. We can accept your interference throughout the purchase process and deliver the creative patch pieces within no time!

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PVC Patches FAQ's

A PVC or Polyvinyl chloride patch is made from flexible and lasting material that feels like rubber but is actually a form of plastic.

Embroidered patches are pieces of garment itself adorned with various designs made of threads. PVC patches can be considered an evolved version of embroidered patches that are made of soft plastic rubber.

PVC patches is a type of patch itself. It does not have further subcategories. However, there are various types of backings that come with each patch. it is up to you which one you choose.

All you need to do is select the PVC patch option, convey your desired design along with the choice of backing, and place the order. You can contact our customer service for further details.

PVC stands for Poly-vinyl Chloride.

Since these are essentially rubber like plastic, they are extremely durable and are sure to last you a long time.

Yes, PVC patches are flexible to a certain degree.

Yes, PVC patches are washable. Due to their durable nature, you can also put them in the washing machine without fearing faded colors or damage.

They are made by base colors which are added into soft PVC molds. These bases colors are layers on to create different shapes and designs.

If you are looking for a durable patch for excessive outdoor use, then yes, PVC is a great option. You can attach them on your jacket, bag or hat to get the look.

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