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Custom Embroidered Keychains

Customized High-Quality Keychains

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Customizable Embroidered Keychains For Every Purpose

Are you looking for a classic corporate gift item for the holiday season? Do you want to welcome new members to your club with creative gifts? Do you want to turn your artwork into a form you can show off when you go out? Are you looking for a reliable producer for high quality Remove Before Flight keychains?

Our customized embroidered keychains are your answer. If you need a way to carry around that vibrant custom patch on a keychain, we can make it happen. At ThePatchio, our experts are well-versed in the art of patch-making and can convert any design into a patch that can be made into a high-quality keychain.

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Custom Embroidery Keychain Design
Embroidery Keychain Pink Design

Are You Looking For Affordable Custom Embroidered Keychains?

You’ve come to the right place, as we offer custom embroidered keychains at reasonable prices. We also have a very low minimum order limit, you can place a small batch order with us for your club or team, or brand—and we've given you a superb product regardless of how small or large your order is.

We test our products at every stage, from the patch to the finalized keychain, to sure your order meets your expectations. As we offer our service exclusively online, we can ensure exceptional quality in our patch manufacturing facility, sourcing premium quality base materials.

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Why Choose Custom Embroidered Keychains?

Embroidered keychains are a great way to show off your brand logo or any other design. These are much easier to maintain than most brand-marketing goods such as mugs, and more visible to the masses than goods such as customized stationery. Plus, custom embroidered keychains have a charm and provide the convenience of carrying keys (who doesn't need a keychain?), which means these are more likely to be used—thus, more valuable for the popularity of your brand or organization.


Why Should You Get Eye-Catching Durable Custom Embroidered Keychains?

Embroidered keychains can be used by brands as well as other organizations that need a convenient way to showcase their name. We pride ourselves on creating fine customized embroidered keychains for various purposes:

  • Corporate Gifts
  • Marketing Giveaways
  • Sports Team Merch
  • Club Accessories
  • Service Mementos (Military, etc)
  • Miniaturized Artworks

Bespoke Keychains To Impress…

As patch mavens, the artists at ThePatchio know what it takes to create high-quality keychains that look great and last long. We not only focus on the durability of the keychains so that every penny you spend is worth it but also ensure to get the best visual results. Create your embroidered keychains with peace of mind.

One-Sided & Two-Sided Custom Embroidered Keychains

There are two different ways we create embroidered keychains.


One-sided embroidered keychains feature the patchwork on one side only, while the other side is plain twill in the color of your choice or backed with metal.


Add your design to both sides of the embroidered keychain. You can choose to have the same embroidered patchwork on both sides, or two different designs of your choice.

Designing Your Custom Embroidered Keychain

Placing an order for customized keychains with ThePatchio? It’s quick and simple!

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Shipping & Delivery

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At ThePatchio, we guarantee premium-quality embroidered patches. Our experts have created different types of patches for various brands, and we are well-versed to take on any embroidered keychain order, no matter how complex. We offer the following benefits:

  •   High-Quality Keychains
  •  Free Changes (Limited)
  •  Free Sample
  •  Low Minimum Order
  •  Express Delivery Option
  •  Reasonable Quotes

What You Should Know Before You Order Custom Embroidered Keychains …

  •   Choose a comfortable size. Too small keychains don’t show your design clearly.
  •  On the other hand, too large keychains will be difficult to use.
  •  Twill embroidery keychains are flexible, and metal isn't—so choose accordingly.
  •  In addition to basic colors, you can also choose metallic and neon threads for your embroidery.
  •  Make sure to provide us with a high-resolution, clear image file.
  •  Less is more when it comes to choosing colors and patterns for embroidered keychains.

We have served brands all across the U.S. with stellar feedback, as we have talented patch artists and state-of-art equipment needed to produce custom embroidered keychains that stand out. Reach out to us on the number given below to place an order. You can also contact us if you have any questions about creating artwork for keychains or for care and maintenance tips.


Quality Materials

From thread, to twill base to metallic parts in the keychain, we accept nothing less than the best materials, sourced from trusted suppliers, and processed by seasoned patch and keychain experts.


Various Sizes

We offer a number of sizes for embroidery keychains. You can contact our customer service to know about our standard size range. Choose an image that can be easily converted to an embroidered design.


Affordable Rates

It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and leg to order high-quality keychains. At ThePatchio, we offer free quotes, fair rates, and a low minimum policy!

Embroidered Vs. PVC Keychains


Customizable embroidered keychains are made out of yarn. The process is pretty much similar to that of embroidered patches, only it’s a keychain. These patches require more care as threads stain easily. From an outlook perspective, embroidered keychains have a sophisticated outlook and you can add intricate design elements.


When it comes to PVC patches, some of the qualities that shine are easy maintenance, impressive durability, and vivid colors. PVC is quite flexible and strong and can withstand harsher environments better, making for a great patch/keychain material. PVC keychains are more expensive than embroidered keychains.

Custom Embroidery Keychains Samples

Check out the gallery below to see the custom embroidered keychains we’ve created.

Do You Need Creative Custom Embroidered Keychains From ThePatchio?

Exceptional quality, longevity, and affordability—our custom embroidery keychains comprise all these qualities and more! Go ahead and place an order today or talk to one of our patch experts if you want to discuss design ideas for the keychain you have in mind. Reach out now!

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Embroidered Patches FAQs

These are standard twill embroidered keychsins or embroidered keychains backed with metal.

It depends on what kind of look you need. Embroidered patches allow more intricate designs. PVC patches showcase fewer colors in a more vibrant way.

We offer a variety of sizes for custom embroidered keychains, though there is a minimum and maximum size limit. The smallest size you can get is 2 inches.

Yes. We use high-quality yarn when designing your custom embroidered keychain so that they don’t fray easily. If your keychain is dirty, use a clean damp cloth to wipe it.

Yes, you can add metallic threads to your design. We recommend using metallic threads when you create your embroidered keychains, as these add more oomph.

Avoid exposure to harsh weather, keep these away from any sharp objects in your pocket or bag to avoid damaging the threads, and immediately dry the keychain if it becomes wet.

We have a low minimum order limit for custom embroidered patches (the minimum amount depends on how complex your design is). We also offer affordable quotes for all orders.

It depends on the number of keychains you order. Typically, we deliver patches within one to two weeks, but keychains may take longer due to the extra steps involved.

It depends on your order and the package you choose. We allow a limited number of both major and minor changes to the sample.

We offer a range of patches, including custom embroidered patches, woven patches, sublimated patches, chenille patches, PVC patches, and leather patches.

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