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Are you looking for custom embroidered patches that comprise the colors and design you’ve dreamed of? Then look no further than ThePatchio, your one-stop shop for high-quality embroidered patches.

Best of all, we offer custom embroidered patches no minimum! Order as many or as few patches as you want, and we'll give you unbeatable service. Every thread in our patches is tried and tested for color and form longevity. You can rest easy knowing that not only are you getting a great deal on your order of custom patches, but also a lasting product.

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ThePatchio – Your Reliable Customized Embroidery Patches Makers

Custom embroidered patches are quite versatile, which is why these are a favorite amongst businesses looking to create custom emblems for employee uniforms, brands that want to add their logo and other artwork to apparel, as well as creatives who need their artwork transformed into a wearable form. No matter what purpose you need your custom patches products for—ThePatchio is the place for you!

Our experts hand-pick what goes into making your patch. When it comes to custom embroidery patches, we pay special attention to threads, backing, and equipment that goes into creating your order. Our patches withstand exposure, are flexible to attach to a variety of surfaces, and perfectly capture the essence of the design you give us.

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Why Choose Custom Embroidered Patches?

Embroidered patches are low-maintenance. You can put these on clothes and accessories with ease. There's no limit to the colors you can choose for your patch since we also do custom dye colors. Our custom embroidery patches are high-quality, which is why these will maintain color and form even after several washes.


Who Needs High-Quality Long-Lasting Custom Embroidered Patches?

We pride ourselves on being one of the leading patch manufacturers, and suppliers in the U.S. Our custom embroidery patches are a favorite amongst various businesses and organizations for:

  • Branded Clothing
  • Shoes & Bags
  • Caps & Hats
  • Keychains & Other Accessories
  • Service Uniforms (Military, Firefighters)
  • Sports Teams
  • School & College Clubs
  • Tactical Equipment

The Perfect Embroidered Patch Awaits You…

Perfection may be overrated, but we’re confident that “perfect” is the word you will use to describe the custom embroidery patches we create for you. With hundreds of satisfied and happy clients in various small and large organizations, we’re confident that ThePatchio is your means to convert your artwork into a superb custom patch. What's more, ordering custom embroidered patches online from us means choosing convenience and affordability. Not only do we offer no minimum, but also reasonable rates for great quality products and customer support service that will make your experience of working with us wholesome!

Backings For Custom Embroidered Patches

Here are the backings you can choose for embroidered patches.

sew on backing

Sew-on Backing

Custom sew on patches—the most popular option when clients order embroidered patches. These are backless, are require stitching (which is best done by a professional for formal use).

iron on backing

Iron-On Backing

Iron on patches are quite easy to apply. We use high-quality adhesive backing to ensure that your patch remains intact after a wash. Iron-on backing embroidered patches are popular for uniforms.

velcro backing patches

Velcro Backing

Do you need patches that are easy to remove and replace? Velcro-laid embroidered patches are your answer. Attached to quality hook-and-snap tape, these patches are the definition of convenience.

How To Order Custom Embroidered Patches

Placing an order with ThePatchio? It’s easy!

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Shipping & Delivery

Shop For Custom Embroidered Patches No Minimum Today

Need custom embroidery patches no minimum? We guarantee premium-quality patches are affordable rates and the ease of low-to-no minimum order limit. You can use our patches on clothing, accessories, and lots of other surfaces. In addition to the minimum limit, you also get the following benefits:

  •   High-Quality Patches
  •   Free 10 Colors
  •   Free Digitized Sample
  •   Low (15-Pieces) Minimum Order
  •   Express Delivery Option
  •   Free Iron-On/Velcro Backing
Koa Puna Biker Embroidered Patch

What Else You Can Do To Order Patches That POP…

  •  For permanent custom embroidered patches, get sew-on. For temporary, get iron-on /Velcro.
  •  We have a certain limit (though vast) of color range. Custom colors (dyed) will increase the cost.
  •  In addition to basic colors, you can also choose metallic and neon threads for your patch.
  •  Bordered custom embroidery patches are more defined than borderless ones.
  •  For a rugged, rough look, you can choose to order our chenille patches.
  •  Colors on-screen and off-screen differ, but we ensure that you get an accurate digitized sample.

As custom patch mavens for brands all across the U.S., we have the skill and equipment needed to produce patches that stand out. Contact us at the number given below to place an order. Moreover, you can reach out to us if you have any questions about our patch products or about patch care and maintenance tips.

Patches For All

Need a custom patch for a sports club or team? You've got it. We create patches for everyone. We also provide patches for armed forces, combat teams, firefighters, and police organizations.


Colors & Shapes Galore

We can convert all sorts of designs into custom embroidery patches. With access to high-quality material and state-of-art technology, we can produce patches in a wide variety of colors, designs, and shapes.


Affordable Rates

It doesn’t have to cost the Earth to get high-quality custom patches. With free quotes, reasonable rates, and custom embroidered patches no minimum policy, we have made it accessible for you to order patches online.

Merrow Edge Vs. Hot Cut Edge Patches


Hot cut border custom embroidered patches are ideal if you want thinner, flatter, and flexible custom embroidery patches—perfect for hats, caps, and bags. These are also great for a minimalistic look. Since the edges are cut using heat, these are sealed off, keeping the threads from fraying easily.


Merrowed edge embroidered patches have distinct raised corners, resulting from the stitching done after the design is completed. So, you can mix patches, such as a chenille patch with embroidered border. Merrow edge patches make your patch stand out, especially if you intend to place the patch on a printed surface.

Custom Embroidery Patches Samples

Check out the gallery below to see the custom embroidered patches we’ve created for brands and organizations.

Looking To Order Creative Custom Embroidered Biker Patches At ThePatchio?

One of the most popular kinds of embroidered patches, and one of our most in-demand patches, is biker patches. High-quality, durable, and affordable—our custom embroidery patches for biker clubs or enthusiasts of biker clubs are simply the superior choice. Why don't you go ahead and tap the button below to talk to one of our patch experts? We can help you design one or convert your artwork into a fantastic biker patch.

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Embroidered Patches FAQ's

We use high-quality yarn to create embroidered patches. These come pre-colored, and we match them to your art. We also offer custom color options.

While both embroidered and chenille patches are made out of yarn, the stitching differs. Embroidered patches have a smooth, sleek look. Chenille patches have a rug-like texture.

You can keep your patches are small as 1 inch x 1 inch (we don’t recommend small patches for complex designs). You can go up to 12-15 inches for a large patch.

Yes. We offer metallic threads for your design. A mix of basic threads and metallic threads is in fact ideal for making your design pop and helping highlight important lettering.

Other than your shirts, jackets, jeans, and other clothing, you can get embroidered patches for bags, shoes, keychains, hats and caps, car covers, and more.

Yes. We test our patches for quality. It is safe to wash patches, although you should never use any harsh methods (extreme drying, scrubbing, strong chemical products, etc.) to clean them.

We have custom embroidered patches no minimum policy (depending on what kind of patches you order from us). We also offer affordable quotes for all our patch orders.

It depends on the number of patches in your order. Typically, we prepare and have your patches at your doorstep within one to two weeks (holidays and other barriers in shipping may extend delivery time).

If you’re placing an order for business or service uniform patches, we recommend you go to a reliable source to get these stitched. For club/team patches and giveaway patches, iron-on patches are ideal.

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