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Flexible & Supple Leather Patches

Are you looking for classy, beautifully designed custom leather patches? Creating a stylish leather patch all according to your design concept and purpose is easy…when you choose ThePatchio as your patch experts! We'll convert your logo or artwork into high-quality leather patches, complete with a guarantee of durability.

Best of all, we offer reasonable quotes for all custom patches! Whether you need to you’re a few patches or place a bulk order, we’ll give you a market-competitive rate, paired with the ease of no-minimum order limit and a quick turnaround. Our patch experts can help you through the process of personalizing your patches order so that you end up with bespoke leather patches with 100% satisfaction regarding the outcome of our products and customer service.

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Looking For Custom Leather Patches For Your Biker Club?

Motorcycle patches are our specialty! Leather patches and biker jackets are a classic combo, the timeless, rugged look of a leather patch making the logo it bears more impactful. Whether you need a biker patch for your club or for fashion purposes for a clothing line, we’ve got you.

At ThePatchio, we create custom leather patches for jackets, hats, caps, bags, and more. We use the best quality synthetic leather in the market, each sheet hand-picked by our experts to ensure quality. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we process your design to perfection onto the prepared leather, finish it off with your choice of backing, and package and ship it to you within the given timeframe!

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Why Choose Leather Patches?

Leather has a way of standing out in a subtle yet powerful way. The material exudes an air of luxury and refined taste, which is why these patches are a favorite amongst brands for clothing, shoes, and accessories. High-quality leather patches, such as those you'll get at ThePatchio, are also easy to maintain and long-lasting.

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Who Needs High-Quality Durable Custom Leather Patches?

As one of the top patch manufacturers and suppliers in the U.S., we have a vast clientele in all kinds of industries. Our leather patches are quite popular for logo and other artwork purposes for:

  • Branded Clothing
  • Shoes & Bags
  • Caps & Hats
  • Biker Clubs (Jackets & Vests)
  • Service Uniforms (Military & Security)
  • Sports Teams
  • School & College Clubs
  • Tactical Equipment

Bring Your Design To Life…

Building your brand or creating an identity for your club—whatever your purpose for needing leather patches, we're here to help. We use the finest synthetic leather, take your design, and laser-etch it onto prepared leather patches. Our latest tech and the skill of our pro patch artists enable us to create finely detailed logos, intricate artwork, crisp lettering, and whatever else you may need to complete a patch that perfectly encapsulates your design concept.

Backings For Custom Leather Patches

Here are the backings you can choose for leather patches.

Sew-on Backing

With leather patches, there is no option better than custom sew on patches—also called backless patches. Since leather requires safe handling, it is better to get your patches professionally stitched.

Iron-On Backing

Iron on patches are lined with adhesive that is quite easy to apply on a variety of fabrics. However, this backing is not recommended for non-yarn patches, as you can damage the material with heat.

Velcro Backing

If you need patches that are easy to remove and replace, then Velcro-lined leather patches are your thing. We use high-quality hook-and-snap backing for all Velcro patches.

How To Order Leather Patches

Placing an order with ThePatchio? It's simple!

Submit Design (Image File)

Get A Digital & Actual Sample

Approve For Production

Shipping & Delivery

Ordering Custom Leather Patches At ThePatchio

Whether you need leather patches for hats for a sports team or jacket patches for a biker club, you've come to the right place. ThePatchio is one of the leading custom patch manufacturers in the U.S., having garnered satisfied client feedback and a stellar dedication due to dedication to quality. We guarantee premium-grade leather patches with the added advantage of:

  •   Free Quote
  •   Minor & Major Changes
  •   Low Minimum Order
  •   Express Delivery Option
  •   Free Iron-On/Velcro Backing
  •   Customer Service Support
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A Few Design Tips To Make Sure You Get The Best Leather Patches…

  •   Pick your shade of leather wisely. Your patches should go well with your biker jacket, denim, or leather vest patches.
  •   You can opt for emboss and colors (screen printing). We recommend adding these features for oomph.
  •  Go for sew-on custom leather patches. These help maintain the integrity of synthetic leather and make for durable patches.
  •  We also do stitched borders on leather patches (single or double line stitch as per your preference).
  •  For a 3D look with a pop of color, you can go for custom embroidery on your leather patches.
  •  Remember, the colors on-screen and off-screen differ, so if opting for emboss with screen printing, check your sample.

Whether you need a single-color logo for custom leather patches for hats or a multi-color design with embroidery details for leather patches for hats, we’ll make sure to deliver your order just the way you imagined! Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about our custom patch products or about patch use and upkeep.

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Leather Biker Patches

Our patch experts have processed artwork for clients with different purposes for ordering leather patches. Therefore, our team is well-versed in the craft and can convert any type of design you have into leather biker patches.

leather patches for teams

Patches For Teams

Do you need custom leather patches for jackets for your baseball team or golf club? At ThePatchio, we use high-quality materials and the latest technology to produce a variety of colors, designs, and shapes.

leather logo patches on hats

Branding Patches

Leather patches are a timeless choice for branded denim clothing, as well as bags and shoes. We cater to both small and large producers of branded clothing, providing high-quality patches that reflect impressive brand value to your customers.

Simple Deboss Vs. Deboss-Colored Patches

leather debossed patches

We do two kinds of debossed patches: simple deboss and deboss with a burn effect (blackened lettering and print). These patches are classic leather patches and pair well with both denim and leather surfaces, as well as canvas, such as leather patches for hats.

leather printed patches sample

Screen-printed leather patches are also debossed, only this technique is used to carve or stamp your logo or any other design onto the leather, followed by adding color. You can choose to add single or multiple colors (ask our patch artist about the limit of colors on your patch).

Leather Patches Samples

Check out the gallery below to see the custom leather patches we’ve created for our clients.

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Do You Want Us To Create Customized Leather Patches?

We’re your one-stop shop for high-quality, durable, and affordable leather patches. As experts in custom leather, chenille, woven, and embroidered patches, we can fulfill your patch requirements to the dot. Click on the button below to talk to one of our patch experts, and we’ll get started on creating your patch order today!

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Leather Patches FAQs

Create leather patches from premium quality synthetic leather (as we focus on affordability) that has the look and feel of genuine leather.

No. We offer traditional leather patches, which you will find in a variety of shades of brown. We do offer dark-toned leather as an option if you need a darker backdrop for your design.

Yes. We do deboss with screen printing, as well as embroidered (colored) details on a leather background. Please note that there will be a slight difference in vibrancy.

Leather patches are popular options for jackets and pants (both leather and denim). You can also use leather patches on hats, caps, bags, keychains, and other accessories.

Yes. However, make sure not to wash your leather patches in hot water or dry them in direct sunlight, as heat can affect the integrity of leather as well as fade it faster.

We advise against choosing iron-on backing for leather patches because the heat of the iron can damage the material. We recommended sewn-on custom leather patches instead.

We have a low minimum limit for leather patches (10 – 15, depending on your order). We also offer reasonable rates to help you maintain costs if you have a limited budget.

It depends on the number of patches or the complexity of your order (for instance, leather patches with screen printing and stitched borders may require a longer process). Typically, we deliver leather patches within one to two weeks of order confirmation (holidays and other barriers in shipping may extend delivery time).

For now, we only offer services for creating custom patches, not attaching them to clothing or other surfaces. We recommend you go to a professional to get these stitched.

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