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Need custom-made dye sublimation patches for business or personal purposes? We’re your one-stop shop for all things printed patches. ThePatchio has garnered a reputation as a reliable custom patch manufacturer in the U.S. due to positive client feedback. We offer premium-grade sublimation patches, with the added advantage of:

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Fairy Tale Sublimation Patch

Flexible & Supple Sublimation Patches

If you're looking for patches that bring your design to life with vibrant colors and accurate lines, almost an exact replication of the original graphics, then sublimated patches are the way to go!

At ThePatchio, we pride ourselves on an array of happy clients for custom sublimated patches orders. No matter what shape, design, or colors in your artwork that you need us to convert into sublimated patches, we'll deliver top-notch results. Our expertise and advanced equipment enable us to process allows us to process any image into stunning custom patches.

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Sublimation patches the patchio
Rounded Sublimation patch

Looking for Custom Sublimation Patches for Accessories?

Also known as dye sublimation patches and printed patches, these patches are popular for their ability to copy intricate graphics, such as entire photographs. As a result, it’s easy to create customized accessories with fine graphics. You can use sublimation patches to print your brand's logo or convert a piece of art into one-of-a-kind sublimation hat patches or bag patches, or even patches for keychains. Use these for marketing or for gifting purposes, the uses are endless!

At ThePatchio, we source only the finest mesh backings, inks, and other materials to ensure the highest quality in dye sublimation patches. Our team goes above and beyond to meticulously inspect every single piece of material that goes into the printing process. Plus, we stay up-to-date with the latest technology to seamlessly create your sublimation patches exactly how you want them!

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Why Choose Sublimation Patches?

Sublimated patches are amazing when it comes to capturing an endless range of colors and tiny details with incredible precision. Since the process involves printers and inks that copy-paste digital graphics onto sublimation papers, the final result is precise, down to nearly every single pixel in the digital image you provide. You can then put these mini pictures on anything; get sublimation patches for hats, bags, shirts, jeans, jackets, keychains, and more!


Who Needs High-grade Long-Lasting Sublimated Patches?

As one of the top patch manufacturers in the U.S., we cater to businesses in all kinds of industries. Our sublimation patches are quite popular with:

  • Clothing Brands
  • Shoes & Bags Producers
  • Accessories Brands
  • Sports Clubs (Team Patches)
  • Public Services (Security Uniforms, etc)
  • School & Colleges
  • Freelance Artists (Etsy Shops)
  • Retail Outlets (Vest & Jacket Patches)

Patches With Impressive Lifespan…

Step into the world of sublimated patches, where the magic of dye transfer using heat creates a bond between the inks and sublimation paper. As a result, you get patches that are vibrant…and stay so after much wear and tear. Sublimation patches are made to withstand the test of time; you can add these patches to any item of clothing or accessory with peace of mind.

Backings For Sublimated Patches

Here are the backings you can choose for sublimation patches.

Sew-On Backing

For a sublimated patch that withstands constant use, laundry cycles, and generally rough handling—such as on uniforms—then go for sew-on backing when you place your order.

Iron-On Backing

Our iron on sublimation patches are lined with strong adhesive, which is easy to activate and sticks well. Make sure you use iron on patches on surfaces that can withstand ironing.

Velcro Backing

Sublimation velcro patches are the easiest patches to remove and replace. We use high-quality hook-and-snap backing for all Velcro patches.

How to Order Sublimation Patches

Its super easy to get your own custom rubber PVC Patches.

Submit Artwork

Receive Digital Sample

Approve The Sample

Wait For Delivery!

A Few Tips to Design Sublimation Patches for A Great Outcome…

  •   While you can pick intricate designs for a sublimation patch order, avoid too-small lettering to avoid hindrances in clarity.
  •   You can mix sublimated patches with embroidered borders for some pizzazz, and to make your patches stand out.
  •   Sew-on sublimation patches are the best option for clothing that is frequently used. Iron-ons are better for jackets and caps.
  •   Your sublimation patched quote goes up with the number of colors, so choose according to your budget.
  •   Sublimation printing is a fairly quick process, but make sure to order your patches a few days before you actually need them to avoid problems due to shipping delays.

Sublimated patches are incredibly popular for celebratory clothing and accessories. We have partnered with brands and individuals around the U.S. to produce tailored sublimated patches for festivities!

Girl scout Sublimation patch

Sweater Patches

Sublimated patches are perfect for matching family sweatshirts and sweaters for the festive season. Convert your family portraits, friend selfies, and even that click of a beloved pet into sublimation patches for sweaters.

Tiger Picture Sublimation Patch

Gifting Patches

Patch keychains, notebook stickers, ‘picture’ frames, and more—you can use sublimation patches for various types of holiday gifts. Choose the right kind of backing, and you can add colorful patches to an array of bespoke Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even birthday gifts.

Skull shape Sublimation Patch

Branding Patches

Sublimation patches are a splendid choice for shirts, jackets, vests, jeans, and other types of clothing, as well as bags and shoes. Trust us to provide you with fine-quality patches that reflect an impressive brand value to your customers.

Merrowed Sublimated Patches vs. Hot Cut/Laser Sublimated Patches

Letter Sublimation Patches

Sublimated patches are printed patches, which means that there’s no finishing touch unless you opt for one. If you select merrowed sublimation patches, we add a border that is 1/8th of an inch on patches that overlocks the edges of your design. It’s the perfect way to ensure your patches do not fray easily. Suitable for regular shapes like circles, squares, shields, and more.

Custom Embroidery Patches

Other than merrowed sublimation patches, you can choose Hot Cut border patches, that are finished with a heat cut. Similar to how a hot knife lightly scorches and seals a fabric that it goes on, this type of patch has a protective edging to prevent fraying. The finish is perfect for complex shapes. As for Laser cut sublimated patches, these feature a smooth cut fabric border, without stitching on the edge of the patch.

Sublimation Patches Samples

Check out the gallery below to view the personalized sublimation patches we’ve created for our clients.

Are You Looking To Order Customized Sublimation Patches?

We’re your one-stop shop for high-quality, durable, and affordable sublimation patches. As experts in custom embroidered, chenille, woven, and sublimation patches, we can fulfill your patch requirements well beyond your expectations. Click on the button below to connect with our patch experts, and get started on creating your sublimated patches today!

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Sublimation Patches FAQs

Why not! We can convert your photos into sublimated patches, including family portraits, pet photographs, employee group photos, and more.

We recommend minimal sublimation patches size 2 inches in length and width, and you can go up to ordering sublimation patches as large as 10-12 inches.

Since sublimation patches are entirely customized, your cost depends on factors such as the number of patches, size, colors, and complexity, and any add-ons, such as borders.

You can attach sublimation patches to clothing by stitching by hand or machine, with an iron (for iron-on patches) using the pre-attached Velcro tape, or using a pre-attached peel-and-stick tape.

Sublimation patches are safe for hand washing and gentle machine wash (gentle). Avoid exposure to harsh detergents and direct sunlight.

Yes, you can use an iron on your sublimation patches. However, we recommend using a piece of fabric in between the iron and the patch to avoid any damage.

Send us your design for sublimation patches as an image file with a minimum 300dpi resolution to avoid image distortion during processing.

We take 5-7 working days to fulfill your order of custom patches. Delivery takes 2-3 business days depending on your shipping address.

Currently, we only offer services for creating custom patches, not attaching them to clothing or other surfaces. We recommend you go to a professional to get these stitched.

We have a low minimum limit for custom patches (depending on your order). Since sublimation patches are low cost, the minimum order requirement is 10 sublimation patches.

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