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About Brian Smith

Senior Sales Executive

Brian Smith

Brian Smith is the Senior Sales Executive at The Patchio, with extensive experience in the custom patches industry. Starting as a novice in branding patches over a decade ago, he is now the lead author and patch expert at ThePatchio, using his knowledge of the industry and first-hand experience of being involved in the process to bring awareness to ThePatchio’s audience.

The Patchio not only creates customized patches but is one of the leading companies in the U.S. providing this service. Their clientele is impressive, from innovative small brand owners on Instagram to school and college teams looking for sports patches to multinational organizations and military services who acquire their services for uniform patches and marketing.

For the past few years alone, the company has made great strides in expanding its expertise, now providing custom patch services to a wider range of industries in the U.S. Moreover, for these past few years, Brian has progressed well in getting audiences to understand patches and what they represent.

Brian’s many accomplishments include progressing the company’s marketing efforts and identifying user needs to improve customer service. Brian also plays an invaluable part in identifying opportunities to showcase ThePatchio’s craft to the public in person at various events. This way, they can observe ThePatchio’s product quality and variety first-hand.

Focused on creativity, Brian continues to be an integral part of ThePatchio, to help solve the brand’s challenges and accelerate growth.

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