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Process of Making your own Custom PVC Rubber keychains

custom pvc keychains making

Tired of buying those bizarre looking plastic or metal keychains to hold your keys together. For some people, keychains are a great source of advertisement for their business. It promotes your organization wherever the person carrying it goes. They come is a variety of materials like wood, metal and plastic. However, PVC rubber keychains are a new and unique idea in this kind.

You can personalize custom PVC keychains according to your liking. PVC keychains are becoming more and more popular by each passing day. They are soft and smooth to touch. The flexibility of these custom PVC keychains makes them durable and long lasting.

The process of making PVC rubber keychains is mesmerizing. It includes various steps and requires special materials and machines to get the job done. At the end the custom PVC keychains you get, are worth the effort.

Here, in this blog post we are sharing with you a step by step guide for making custom PVC keychains. So let’s start.

1. Designing a Template

Before making custom PVC keychains, you need to choose a design. It is not only about picking what would appear on the keychain, rather it includes various other factors as well. Keep in mind that the more detailed design you choose at this point, the more expensive your custom PVC keychain will turn out.

  • Begin with choosing what would appear on the keychain. It can be anything you want to print on the keychain.
  • You also have the liberty of printing on either or both sides of the custom PVC rubber keychain.
  • When you are clear about the logo or drawing, select a shape to go with it. Some people prefer solid others only want it to outline the design they chose earlier.shapes, while
  • Select the color template to go with your intended design.

2. Choose a Mold

Once we are done with the first step of template designing, let’s initiate the process of making PVC rubber keychains.

Choose a mold according to the shape you have chosen. If it is a solid shape then you are good to go, otherwise you will have to get a mold made for this purpose. Copper and aluminum metals make up these molds. The impressions are carved either by hand, or using machines. It depends on your budget and details of your design. Your mold must go through electroplating so that it does not have wrinkles or air bubbles that may damage your output.

3. Preparing Raw Materials

The custom PVC keychain you are making is fully customized. The color palate you have chosen earlier needs to be prepared before making of this keychain. We use soft PVC which is transparent in color. You have to mix it with the colors of your choice to get the shade of your choice. The colors are mixed using pigmented form. Be careful as a little bit of these goes a long way.

You have a choice of using glossy or matt colored pigment for your raw material. After you have mixed the colors thoroughly, you must put them in a vacuum flask. This will ensure removing all air bubbles or impurities from the raw material. As a result, your custom PVC keychain will turn out perfectly.

4. Setting it all Up

The actual task of making custom PVC keychains is now about to start. In this step, you will see everything coming together to make the perfect keychain for you. You can use it as a cool way to promote your business or company.

By now you have everything ready. Inject the rubber glue you have made in the previous step into the molds. If your design is simple you can do it by hand. If it is complicated, we recommend using a machine for this purpose.

Remember to pay attention to the little details to ensure perfection. Do not rush at this point, as it could cost you with failure.

5. Baking the Mold

No doubt that your keychain is ready by the end of step 4, but it will not harden unless you bake it through. It will remain in semi-liquid form. In order to solidify the custom PVC rubber keychain, you have to bake it in a special oven used for this purpose.

Put the mold containing your keychain into the oven for a minute, but remember to repeat this process a few times to set the liquid raw material of your rubber keychain.

6. Finishing Touches

At this point, your keychain is ready to assemble.

  • When it still slightly warm, flip over the mold and let the custom PVC rubber keychain slide out of it. Spray transparent lacquer on top of it to ensure that glossy finishing you want in your product.
  • Some people prefer their keychains having some printing, writing or engraving on the backside of their custom PVC rubber keychain. You can go through this process again is you want to print something on the back of your keychain. Otherwise let’s proceed to assembly.
  • They keychain’s rubber part is in your hand right now. You need to affix the metal chain and ring with it to make it functional. Carefully attach the metal hook to the head of the keychain. Taking special precautions of not to tug on it too hard. Once the hook is set up, attach the chain to it using special pliers. Now take a ring and complete assembling your custom PVC rubber keychain.
  • If you want to promote your business and are making custom PVC keychains in bulk, you should individually pack them in transparent packaging after assembling.

Final Word

These custom PVC rubber keychain are flexible than metal or wooden keychains. You can make them in and color and design of your choice. It is a unique way to promote your business, upcoming events or shows. Follow our guide to make your custom PVC rubber keychains. Anyone receiving this keychain will remember you and your trade for a recognizable period of time.

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