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Reasons to Order Custom Police Patches For Your Department

Reasons to Order Custom Police Patches For Your Department

Here are five reasons why your police department needs custom badge patches for better performance and discipline.

Custom patches are usually associated with personal expression or a symbol of carrying forward a legacy. They are also sometimes associated with businesses be it for personal or organizational use; custom patches tend to make a clear statement. Likewise, they are more than a need when it comes to a police department to create a statement of affiliation and a symbol of pride.

Thereby, the police, albeit intimidating and highly organized, need badge patches for several reasons. And no, it is not merely for petty decor and a sense of livelihood. Instead, these patches may even contribute to your efficiency as a law enforcement body.

Let's discuss in a detailed way, why you should order custom police patches.

5 Reasons Why Your Police Department Needs Custom Patches

The list could go on for specific details that vary from department to department. However, keeping in mind the general specifications, here are five reasons why the police need to order custom police patches.

Police Patch Golden Design
Rounded Police Patch PVC

1. A Sense of Belonging

Every organization, primarily work-organizations, should provide their employees with this. Employees who feel they belong, tend to have warmer feelings towards their jobs and employers. Law enforcement officers are, too, human. They may have demanding jobs and may handle a lot of stress.

However, they, too, need a sense of home with their colleagues. They need to feel accepted and seen at work. They need recognition and mutual comfort. A simple custom patch can provide all that. It would contribute to improving their performance too.

2. An Inspiration to Future Law Enforcement Officers

The internet has reformed how many organizations work top to bottom. Various organizations have hence changed the way their chain of communication works. From their employees to their clients, there is a new sense of awareness.

For communication with an audience, organizations utilize video content, social media, and online journals. These newer forms of media act as their advertising tools.

Even so. There are other significant forms of advertising that organizations should not overlook. One such form is badge patches. Having a particular badge patch as a uniform can take an organization a long way. For the police force, it encourages young adults to look up to the police force. The more medals, badges and police patches they see police officers have, the higher they will think of them. It adds a sense of respect and awe within them.

3. An Incognito Alarm or Flag

No one notices the dull fabric attachments to a law enforcer’s uniform. The central part that imposters focus on stealing or imitating is Police badges. Even though the police could identify an imposter effectively upon suspicion, imposters could be able to outsmart them.

Easy people to fool within the police force could be new desk interns for information and case report archives. Despite hard training, even new field officers may be susceptible to this scam. In addition to the shiny badges and unmistaken uniform, a highly customized patch could help even more.

It would add to the security check routine. In order to cater to this identification aid, police patches need to be finely detailed and highly specific in their design. Aside from the traditional monograms of law enforcement, these badges should have undetectable hidden details that can be checked by real officers immediately.

That way, during sting operations, undercover missions and vice squad tasks, the officers could identify each other. Even if their cover was nearly blown upon the discovery of the patch, they could dismiss it as something no serious.

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4. Security

Custom police patches for your department also serves the purpose of security. It is because it helps people distinguish a police officer instantly from his uniform and the patches and badges over their uniform. Thus, when a policeman is around, the surrounding people will feel safe.

Apart from this, the officer security will be automatically served because nobody wants to mess up with an officer.

Security Officer Badge Patch
Security Services Embroidery Patches

5. Distinction

The benefits of a respecting work environment with equality, belonging, more efficient work and a good atmosphere are bound to set you apart from other Police departments. It may even influence civilians to prefer living in your district.

This would be because of the positive performance everyone outside the police department would be able to witness. All this progress would be because you decided to order custom police patches.

Things to Keep in Mind with Custom Police Patches

There are quite a few guidelines or laws for law enforcement officers regarding custom patches. Most of the already-existing patches are mandatory. It is required that they must be attached to a specific area of the uniform. As an example, in some states, shoulder patches are instructed to be worn on the left sleeve. Furthermore, the shoulder patches need to be placed about half an inch below the shoulder.

Since there are rules about patch placement, there are also some considerations about police patch designs. These rules are unique to every department or state. Make sure you research those guidelines before you design and order custom police patches. Upon designing a patch for your police department, we would require a clear guideline for abiding by regulations.

Ohio Rehab Department Patch
Kuwait Air Force Embroidery Patch

Choosing the Right Custom Patch and Company

Now that you have decided that, yes, your police department does need custom police patches, how will you design them? Will you be ordering Leather patches? Embroidered patches? Woven custom designs? Will all the patches be consistent, or will they vary? How to find a brand that will provide you with all that you need? Are there any tips to Choosing the Right Custom Patch Maker? Rest assured first because we are here to serve you and guide you too.

In our expert opinion, we suggest custom embroidered patches for law enforcement bodies. That is because these patches need to be sewn on and are permanent. They are durable and resist extreme conditions that other patch materials may not. They also blend in with the rest of the police uniform texture-wise and will look decent.

As for looking for a reliable Patch Making Company that will deliver to you all that you need, look no further. Visit ThePatchio today and call to make an inquiry about your order and get a free quote for Custom Patches!

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