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About Dawn Edgerly

Social Media Specialist

Dawn Edgerly

Dawn Edgerly is the Integrated Sales & Social Media Specialist at ThePatchio, lending her professional expertise to grow the brand’s presence on social platforms. She’s also enabling ThePatchio’s audience to get fascinating insights into the process of patch-making. Where some social media specialists choose to stick with the ‘artistic’ form of advertising, be it on Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube, Dawn chooses to make the brand ‘real’ for the customers, to help them understand the craft behind the high-quality, appealing patches the brand creates.

ThePatchio is now one of the leading manufacturers of customized patches in the U.S. One on hand, their success is due to their dedication to the art behind patch making. Their artists focus on both variety as well as the aesthetics when it comes to providing brands, service organizations, and individual creators with the custom patches they can truly appreciate.

One the other hand, ThePatchio’s sales and marketing team, led by Dawn, has played a crucial role in advancing the brand’s reach and visibility. In a world where navigating social media is now as intricate as the weaves of a beautiful customized embroidered patch, ThePatchio’s social media specialist has conducted a superb job captivating, engaging, as well as assisting the target audience and loyal customers of ThePatchio!

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