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What Kind Of PVC Patches To Apply On Aviator Jackets? Let’s Discuss!

What Kind Of PVC Patches To Apply On Aviator Jackets? Let’s Discuss!

When designing aviator jacket patches—whether we’re talking about flight jackets for airmen or fashion aviation leather jackets, custom PVC patches elevate the look and feel of the garment.

High-quality PVC patches are not only a means of creating an association or showing support for the brave airmen of our armed forces but also a way of narrating a story.

These types of patches are unique, thus perfect for making any aviator jacket stand out. You can even style other new and old coats and jackets with aviation PVC patches, showing your respect and favor for the brave legions that these patches represent.

Aviation Patches for Jackets – A Brief Background

The evolution of PVC patches in the armed forces is quite interesting, especially when it comes to aviator jacket patches—also known as flight jacket patches. The first ever aviation jacket patches were worn during the Korean War and were mostly for formal purposes. Eventually, these also became the means for airmen to present parts of their lives in the armed forces.

Other than a flag of the U.S., an organizational flag, and a squadron emblem, aviator jackets can feature various types of PVC patches. The places stationed at, companions lost, aircrafts piloted, and more—these are the details aviator jacket PVC patches display. The airmen carry these as a means of honor, respect, and boosting morale.

Custom patches products have always played a significant role in the armed forces, from leather rank patches to embroidered ‘in memory of’ patches. These are more than just pieces with lettering and drawings, but a means of reflecting one's personality and passions.

Aviation jacket patches have been recognized in the media—one memorable example being Top Gun—giving rise to the fashion of replica flight jacket patches and collectors' pieces.

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Why Choose PVC Patches On Aviator Jackets?

With so many different types of custom patches, why are PVC patches favored candidates for flight jackets?

Here's the thing: while some other patches, particularly embroidered and leather, are definitely popular for aviator jackets, PV patches are unique. These patches have certain qualities that most other patches don't.

Unlike embroidered, chenille, woven, and sublimated patches, PVC patches are not made out of thread. And while leather patches are unable to withstand too much heat, PVC patches—with base materials often including silicon along with soft polyvinylchloride—remain undeterred in the face of environmental exposure.

The list is endless, but here are a few top features of PVC patches that make these ideal for aviator leather jackets:

As tailored as you’d like these to be…

As far as customization goes, PVC patches are certainly impressive. Choose any color for PVC aviation patches for jackets, and your patch makers can dye the softened base material in that shade. Pick a shape and a custom mold is created just for your patches.

Thanks to the increased popularity of PVC patches in various industries and the resulting equipment and skill in making these, these now come in different sizes too.

Amazing visual appeal in every patch…

PVC patches capture graphic details with unmatched vividness. Whether we’re talking about the iconic Revolutionary War flag or the logo for a specific squadron, PVC patches do justice to the original shades of the graphics on your computer screen.

This is one of the best benefits of customizing PVC patches for aviator jackets; transforming a patch design from digital to PVC is a seamless process in terms of color, perhaps the most pleasing among all custom patches.

Long-lasting patches for a long-lasting jacket…

Looking for durable PVC patches on aviator jackets that withstand exposure to heat and moisture? One of the quality features of PVC patches includes robustness.

As mentioned above, the toughness of PVC patches is what makes these popular for various armed forces-related applications, including aviator jackets. Sunlight, heat, harsh winds, rain, and more—bring it all on, and PVC patches will stay steadfast in form and vibrancy!

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How to Create A Design For PVC Patches On Aviator Jackets

It’s evident that the use of PVC patches in military comes with many perks. On to designing your customized patches!

Designing aviation patches for jackets is always a fun process, especially if we're talking about PVC patches. You need to decide on every feature of your PVC patch before you submit your design, from the size and shape to the texture and backing.

Finalize Your Graphics

When choosing artwork for PVC patches for flight jackets, make sure to:

  • Choose a less intricate design. PVC patches turn out gorgeous when you keep things simple.
  • Pick the number of colors according to your budget. The higher the complexity, the higher the quote.
  • Check if PVC patches stand out against the base color of your jacket. Since aviator leather jackets are traditionally black, this should be easy enough to ensure.
  • Lean toward high-grade—albeit a bit more costly—PVC patches. While you can find several tips and tricks for maintaining PVC patches, it’s best to start out with superb quality.

Shapes & Sizes

Aviator jacket patches are anywhere between 2 inches to 5 inches in size, depending on where these are placed. Back patches are typically larger, while front and sleeve patches are more compact to leave room for more patches without changing the aviator jacket’s original charm.

2-Dimensional Vs. 3-Dimensional

Traditional aviation jacket patches and other types of military PVC patches are 2-dimensional. However, if you prefer more 'artistic' patches and you have more room in your budget, choose 3D PVC patches for a more complex texture and stand-out look!

Pick Your Backing

With PVC patches on aviator jackets, your choices for backing are limited to sew-on or Velcro backings, the former being the more favorable choice since sewn-on patches do not come off easily. Velcro patches are perfect when you need temporary PVC patches, such as those for occasions.

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