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Ways to Use Embroidered Patches for Phone Covers

Ways to Use Embroidered Patches for Phone Covers

Phones are the routine essentials, and you can no longer live without them. Either for calling, texting, gaming, or learning a new language, you are merely dependent on phones, particularly smartphones.

With their invention arises the need for beautification. Surely, you have opted for cases from various outlets, but have you ever tried embroidered patches for phone covers created with ingenuity?

Here, you will learn some relevant creative approaches alongside their benefits and our contribution to them. Moreover, you can take a minute to read our guide on gun club patch designing.

How to Use Embroidered Patches for Phone Covers Creatively?

Event-Themed Patches

Whether monthly, annually, or once in a blue moon sort of variant, events trigger joy in your bones. You feel happy and make preparations beforehand using numerous methods.

Therefore, instead of jumping, screaming, or poking your own eye out of nowhere because of uncontrolled excitement, why not consider embroidered patches for phone covers.

Occasion-oriented embroidered patch designs are available from various outlets, at least from what we saw on the internet. Hence, you can pick an event or special day and start surfing.

For instance, there are phone patches of Halloween, entailing imaginative symbols like ghosts and pumpkin skulls, aptly reflecting the premise.

Moreover, you can pick something Christmasy with red and white hues as well as Santa, trees, and bells. You have to make sure to alter such patches depending on the occurrence of various occasions.

Names or Initials

Such designs for embroidered patches for phone covers emit longevity. This means they are perfect for use for a longer period of time.

Besides, for their elaboration, you can add the spellings of your name or just the initials. Some prefer to add such intricacy of their other significant, like initials of your spouse.

To demonstrate a love bond, you can add names or initial letters of yourself as well as your spouse alongside a cute red heart. Also, you can request your loved one to buy a similar phone patch.

Furthermore, you can opt for pastel colors, rainbows, clouds, reds, pinks, and flowers because these elements noticeably define fondness.

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Zodiac Signs, Yep!

A zodiac sign is a part of anyone’s identity. Therefore, you can make this identification visibly enhanced with the help of embroidered patches for phone covers.

You can either search for zodiac sign titles or their symbols. Also, you can look for embroidered patches that encompass both the name and the symbol.

Moreover, zodiac constellations are also great and cosmic-friendly ideas to exhibit your intellectual as well as creative side.

Simplicity Is the Best Policy

There, we said it! Now, let’s dig deeper into this expression. How can you use simpler styled patches with embroidery on your mobile phone covers?

First, you can choose a color that is the dearest to your heart. Then, you can select only one object for design purposes, for example, just a triangle shape, a cloud, or a pencil.

Now, you can search for outlets that are selling a similar design, or just request us to create this artwork in no time. Moreover, you should keep the rest of the case single-toned.

You have to make sure not to add any other element to the case; thus, a simpler-styled case is ready. Also, you must keep in mind that the outlook of your regular essentials reflects your persona.

If you are choosing a simple patch for your regular-use phone case, you are creating a specific mark on everyone else’s mind regarding your personality.


There is no shame in imitating the phone patch style of your friend or colleague. If you find an inspirational quote or phrase, you are welcome to make an attempt on your phone cover.

Moreover, if you are exploring a well-famed and highly skilled patch-making company like ours, you can also investigate designs based on celebrity appearances or accessories.

You can vaguely imitate a landscape of your choice and consider adjoining it with a text like, ‘adventure’ or ‘good vibes’.

Besides, we would love it if you give our patches products a try.

All in All Customization

There is a definite difference between a prêt design and a customized one. The latter permits you more freedom and creates the outcome exactly of your choice.

In terms of custom embroidery patches for mobile phone covers, you should never hesitate to approach us or even any other fashionable and reliable company, as per your priorities.

First, you should explore the personalized features of the patch manufacturing company you are targeting. The quality of embroidery and the skills of its workers are extremely important to determine.

Then, you can send a rough sketch or requirements in the form of text to elaborate on your embroidery patch design.

To buy our custom patches, you can plunge into the details on this official website.

DIY Embroidered Patches for Phone Covers

If you trust your instincts and artistic abilities, there is nothing wrong with diving into the world of DIY. You can create the patches yourself and attach them to the cover with glue.

The simple and transparent cases are best for the purpose of making the prettiness of the patch more prominent.

Also, you have to remain careful in terms of selecting glue and the measurements for adhesion. Because once it is on, you have to avoid removing it.

The Prime of Extraordinary Patch Making!

ThePatchio is a well-famed company with plenty of patch designs available for you 24/7!

Benefits of Embroidered Patches for Phone Covers

  • They are quite applicable for making your phone case unique from others. If you are not replicating others’ ideas, you will become responsible for turning heads.
  • If you buy durable embroidered patches, you are, in actuality, offering protection to your phone.
  • Such patches for cases look exceedingly beautiful. There are mystic qualities in embroidery that portray traditions and warmth. You might start loving your grandma even more.

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