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Beard-Owners Club Patches—And Their Role In Morale

Beard-Owners Club Patches—And Their Role In Morale

Having a beard is more than just about having a facial feature. It’s a part of your personality, it’s a source of pride for many men. A fashionably maintained beard helps you stand out. And if you’re looking to stand out a bit more—you need beard-owners club patches!

Show the world you’re a part of the sporting-a-beard club, and be loud about it! Designing beard-owners club patches (TBOC) is quite straightforward if you know the basics of designing and ordering a patch. If you don’t know worries, we’ll get that in a bit. First, dive into what makes a tactical beard owners club patch so awesome, and how it improves morale.

Uplifting Your Spirits With A Tactical Beard Owners Club Patch

You’ve got a beard because you like the way it looks on your face, introducing a manly and rugged side to your personality. And you want to showcase that personality in a creative way (other than sporting the actual beard, of course). Custom patches make it easy for you to express yourself and what you’re passionate about. But there’s more in store than just making it clear that are enthusiastic about having a beard—you’re part of a brotherhood with beard-owners club patches!

A patch is the perfect symbol of tactical prowess that comes from having a beard. And these patches are for everyone, even for creating a group within an organization. TBOC patches are common among military professionals and police department members. You can also form a club and show it off with a bespoke patch if you’re a beard owner who loves and ventures into the outdoors. Or you can design and wear your beard club patches simply because you have a beard!

Whatever your profession and designation, one thing’s for sure…a tactical beard owners club patch can boost confidence. And if you happen you have acquaintances and friends around who are also passionate about having a beard, then sporting beard club patches collectively can boost camaraderie.

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TBOC Patches—The Embodiment Of Adventure & Resilience

Associating masculinity with having a beard may not be ideal in the current era, but you can showcase your passion and pride for having a beard with all the right intentions. Like having colored hair is associated with a fun and bold personality for women, or wearing prescription-less glasses is about experimentation and wanting to appear serious, associating a beard with adventure and strength can be about boosting self-confidence.

Custom beard club patches products can be your badge of honor. After all, you've paid care and attention to growing out your beard, grooming it to keep it from looking messy and styling it according to your face shape to make yourself look and feel good. So why not invest in a beard club patch?

What Else Makes Beard-Owners Club Patches Grand?

Beard club patches are interesting, and that quality alone is enough to create a few perks of carrying that patch around with you. By donning a beard club patch, you can:

  • Start conversations about beards, beard clubs, patches, other subject matter in the patch, and so on.
  • Learn a thing or two about beards yourself. Whether you are a novice beard owner or a beard aficionado, there’s always more to know.
  • Seek out people with like-minded interests. After all, sometimes it’s just one shared interest that introduces a new friend in your life!
  • Revamp an old pair of jeans or a jacket. Two birds one stone—as you display something of interest and decorate clothing too.
  • Develop a sense of belonging, something that's awesome when you have a hard time socializing.
  • Make your tactical gear patch as unique as possible. If you’re looking to create tactical patches, a beard as a symbol can be your thing.

You can do so much by designing and wearing beard-owners club patches. Add some depth to your personality, spark discussions, and more!

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How To Design A Beard Club Patch?

The first step of the design process for a tactical beard owners club patch is deciding whether you want to associate a beard with your profession or hobby or design it as a standalone beard club patch. If you're a member of the military or law enforcement wanting to form your own club with your companions, adding aspects of your organization is always a great idea.

You can add a vector image of a face sporting a beard along with the symbol of the military or police, or the Maltese firefighters cross, or something to do with hiking and outdoors, or whatever else you’re associated with.

Next up is choosing the type of patch. Embroidered patches are a classic, the intricate weave of yarn on a backing appearing remarkably as a design featuring a beard. Plus, depicting a bushy beard with a patch made out of threadwork creates a well-fitting texture.

You can also get custom beard-owners club patches as chenille patches. These patches have a towel-like appearance, pairing well with graphics that are supposed to feature a beard and are meant to give off a 'rugged' vibe. Then there are PVC patches, which are perfect for tactical gear because they can withstand weather elements. No matter which kind of patches you choose, make sure you can easily apply these.

Further on, let's decide how you want to add the patch to your clothes—and what you want to add it to for that matter. For shirts, jackets, and jeans, you can go for sew-on patches, or iron-on ones for easy application. If you're making patches that can easily be applied to tactical gear such as backpacks or vests, you can go for Velcro patches. Hook-and-loop backing patches are easy to remove and reapply.

Trust ThePatchio To Create Kick-ass TBOC Patches For You!

Whether you want to boost your confidence on the battlefield or simply express how much you love having a beard, a tactical beard owners club patch is a must-have.

At ThePatchio, we can help you show off your one-of-a-kind personality with unique custom-made patches. Turn your vision into reality; submit your design to us, or let us know if you need assistance designing one. Whatever kind of beard club patch you need, embroidered, chenille, or any other kind, we’ve got the tools and skills to get the job done!

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