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Embroidered Patch 101: Types, Features & Uses

Embroidered Patch 101: Types, Features & Uses

When you’re stuck on what kind of custom patches to create to display your brand’s logo or a slogan to support a cause, you can always count on the good old custom embroidery patches. Since these timeless pieces can make any artwork pop, you’ll face zero hassle using these on different kinds of surfaces.

So, thinking about choosing embroidered patches? If you’re new to these and not sure how to design and order any kind of custom patches, no worries! Read on to find out all about embroidered patch and how you can get your artwork on a bunch of these!

Embroidered Patch: A Breakdown

Simply put, embroidered patches or embroidery patches are custom patches crafted by weaving yarn meticulously to produce artwork. Once you give your image file to a patch manufacturer, they put it through an embroidery digitizing software. As a result, you get a digital version of how that image will look like as an embroidered patch.

Once any necessary adjustments are made to the original artwork to produce the best possible final results, the patch manufacturers send off the design for conversion. Next, the patch equipment works some magic, weaving colored threads into the logo, emblem, symbol, or any other kind of artwork.

How Does An Embroidered Patch Appear?

The features of an embroidered patch are one-of-a-kind. These patches look and feel like a roughly woven fabric. Of course, embroidered patches aren’t put through a loom, which means that the appearance is as fine a cloth of any kind.

Moreover, you can choose your custom embroidered patch in any shape and a superb range of sizes. As for the colors and patterns, unleash your creativity and bring any design to life—the possibilities are endless!

That said, be careful about how intricate your design is. If a digital image file has lots of fine lines and lettering, then you may want to turn to woven patches. Since embroidered patches are thick, these can hide too-complex designs. On the other hand, woven patches are flatter and can handle intricacy. However, when it comes to creative uses for embroidered patches, traditional embroidery trumps woven format due to better durability and vibrancy.

If you want, you can leave your embroidered patch as it is, or add a border. There are two types of embroidered patches when it comes to adding that finishing touch.

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What Types Of Embroidered Patches Are There?

First, you can go for a ‘hot-cut’ embroidered patch. Using heated cutters, your patch manufacturers cut the design out of the sheet. The use of heat means that the edges of the patch are sealed, so there’s no fraying.

Secondly, go for the merrowed embroidered patch. Once the main design is done, patches are cut out and a border is sewn on. The border is one of the beneficial features of an embroidered patch, not just because it looks neat, but also because it lifts the patch design against bright, bold surfaces.

Moving on, another characteristic you need to focus on is the ‘backing’ of your embroidered patches. You can choose between:

  • Sew-on embroidered patch – which you need to attach by hand-sewing or professional stitching.
  • Iron-on embroidered patch –attach iron-on embroidered patches by placing them on a fabric surface and ironing them to activate the adhesive lining.
  • Velcro embroidered patch – these have a hook-and-snap tape lining, which you can easily remove and re-attach.
  • Sticky embroidered patch – which you can attach to non-fabric surfaces compatible with sticky tapes.

How Can You Use Embroidered Patches?

In the past, it was embroidered patches were a favorite for fixing flaws such as holes, tears, and rips in uniforms and military attire. Today, these influence almost every industry. You can get custom embroidered patches products for:

Business & Branding

Businesses have always been a big part of the history of embroidered patches. Elevate your marketing efforts with custom embroidered patches, as these are a stylish way for you to stand out from the crowd and boost brand awareness. Get these custom patches for uniforms and merchandising goods to instantly catch the attention of onlookers, and leave a lasting impression.

Military & Law Enforcement

Custom embroidered patches serve as a visual representation of rank and unit in military uniforms. Also, embroidered morale patches hold great importance in celebrating crucial missions and significant milestones, as well as honoring the fallen. Other than the military, custom embroidered patches are also for adorning the uniforms of police and security personnel. These patches symbolize their authority and alert people about the specific borough they serve.

Sports Uniforms

Next up: sports uniforms. Embroidered patches add a touch of individuality to sports jackets, jerseys, and other gear. In addition to showing your team's distinct personality, you can get embroidered to show support as well. Therefore, from basketball and baseball to tennis and martial arts, there's no sport that you can’t celebrate with these patches!

Motorcycle Clubs

You can’t talk about biker clubs and not immediately think of stylish leather jackets with custom patches adorning them. Since Embroidered patches have a vivid look, you can showcase lettering and imagery. Therefore, custom embroidered patch can help members of a club express their exclusivity, serving as a symbol of their immense pride.

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Causes & Commemorations

Custom embroidered patches offer a creative way to celebrate and honor any occasion. Whether you aim to raise awareness about crucial racial issues or show support for causes like Veterans Day or Breast Cancer Awareness, an embroidered patch can serve as a powerful tool. Therefore, choose embroidered patches to make a statement and spark necessary conversations!

In conclusion, there numerous uses of embroidered patches. Other that the uses above, you can also employ embroidered patches for scout clubs and DIY home décor. You can even use custom embroidered patches as holiday gifts.

Ordering Embroidered Patches? Go For Top-Notch Quality!

Knowing everything about embroidery patches, there can’t be any doubt that these possess timeless charm and incredible versatility. As a result, you can use these on a wide array of items such as shirts, tees, sweatshirts, jackets, hats, bags, and so much more.

Needless to say, only a high-quality custom embroidered patch will deliver an appealing look on whatever item you’re using these on. For durable patches with immense aesthetic appeal, go for ThePatchio when placing your order. We pay attention to detail, thus perfecting every aspect of a custom patch—and you can display these proudly!

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