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How to Design Gun Club Patches That Make an Impact!

How to Design Gun Club Patches That Make an Impact!

Have you ever thought about why the gun club members look so cool? Something is there in their appearances that encourage you to join these clubs as well.

in our suggestion, it is the complexities of their uniforms, including gun club patches.

Well, there is no need to strain; here, you can learn about designing gun club patches in the form of tips and benefits.

Besides, the holidays are near; therefore, you can read our guide on trendy embroidered patch designs for Christmas.

How to Design Gun Club Patches: Tips

Decide the Artwork

In our opinion, the artwork of a gun club patch plays a vital role in its identification. Whatever you will put on the patch, it will become a representation.

Therefore, in order to answer the question of how to design gun club patches, you have to prioritize the design task. Moreover, it might seem a little effortful at first.

Now, you must start digging deep into the Google images to find what gun club patches actually are. How they look like and what other organizations are opting for is a necessary task to do beforehand.

The images that we found comprised certain symbols and texts that depict vigor, action, ruggedness, and credence. Most patches also have target aims.

You can opt for strength-oriented artwork, like a horse, eagle, gun, skull, or lion. Also, you can accompany that symbol with a knife if you are creating the patch for the knife fight training club.

Besides, you can watch tutorials on how to design gun club patches tools. Or, you can consult an expert graphic designer to print the accurate artwork for you.

If not, you can use a pencil and paper to create a rough sketch. After all, you are going to refine it.

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Choose Fonts, Colors, Backgrounds and Border

When considering the design elements, you should avoid making them too complex. The simpler the artwork is, the easier is for the viewers to understand what it represents.

Besides, you should use only one font style and less text; just the title of the gun club can work fine. You can use its initials as well. Also, you can think about capitalizing the title on the patch.

Next is to define the color scheme. Here, you should apply the same strategy; the simpler, the better. You must avoid adding too many colors and do research on relevant color schemes.

Furthermore, you should keep the same color scheme of the patches as the club’s. Also, you must choose a background that can make the artwork more visible.

Concerning the width of the borders, they are all up to you. Also, check out our 2023 guide to making PVC patches at home.

Determine the Right Size and Shape

The sizes and shapes of the gun club patches depend on where you decide to place them on the uniform. For instance, the targets for attaching patches include sleeves, pockets, and front.

Circular patches are appropriate, especially when your artwork includes target aims. You can adjust the shapes according to the selected graphics and grasp how to design gun club patches.

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Patch Material

The answer to how to design gun club patches also encompasses the material of the patch you are considering for gun club outfits. You have options like leather, PVC, and embroidery.

Depending on the gun club locations and shooting ranges, PVC can work pretty well. It has the strength to endure weather hazards and keeps the design intact for a long.

The embroidery will emit an appealing sense.

In terms of backing, Velcro and sew-on both will prove efficient. ThePatchio offers multiple services for patch backing; therefore, you can call our call center representative anytime.

2D or 3D

This mainly implies that your design can either have 2-dimensional effects or a texture for the 3D patch. Moreover, 2D designs are slightly affordable as compared to 3-dimensional ones.

Patch-Making Company or Not?

Now that you have finalized the design and other requirements, have you decided to create it on your own or hand it over to a patch production company?

In our opinion, experts know more than an unskilled person. Experts will efficiently perform the job in a shorter period of time. Although it will cost you some money, but you will get an incomparable quality.

Moreover, experts offer guidance on how to keep the patch safe or which backing is perfect for your cause. We, among other patch creators, can provide the apt solutions as per your exact demands.

However, if you would love to make the gun club patch yourself, you should start watching tutorials on embroidery.

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Benefits of Gun Club Patches

  • As we mentioned earlier, gun club patches are a depiction of the gun training association.
  • These patches can make your uniform or attire less boring. This is because of the colors and symbols on the patches, and are best for uniforms having minimal colors, pockets, or other embellishments.
  • The gun club patches also give you a professional look. Appearance matters a lot in whatever job you do. Therefore, others will know well where you are heading.
  • If you are reading a guide on how to design gun club patches, you have the ability to embrace creativity. Therefore, such patches can heighten your creative side.
  • A few patch-making companies allow the personalization of gun club patches to appreciate your ideas. We also offer the services of custom patches.


In simpler terms, this article on designing gun club patches has taught you some fundamentals. For instance, you can create the artwork and decide which colors or fonts you are using.

Moreover, the shapes and sizes of gun club patches demonstrate the supplements of the designing process. Patch material and placement are essential and depend on the club’s uniform.

These patches are basically the representation of you and your accomplishments. What you are achieving in a training center should align with the gun club patch design you have selected.

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