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7 Benefits of Velcro Backing for PVC Patches

7 Benefits of Velcro Backing for PVC Patches

Velcro is a fastener to attach and detach items like patches to clothes or accessories.

You might have already studied its worth in terms of strength and usage, but did you know that they can support the backing of PVC patches as well?

Yes, it is possible, and this article lists a few perks to enlighten you. Moreover, if you are looking for reliable patches products online, check out the aforementioned link.

For a brief introduction, we are ThePatchio, and we care for you and patches!

Also you can learn to make PVC patches at home as well.

Topnotch Benefits of Velcro Backing for PVC Patches

Best for Laundry

If you worry about patches detaching in the washing machine, you should buy them with Velcro backing. In this way, you can separate the patch from your attire or accessories for washing.

Besides, we read somewhere that it can help to do laundry for workers who are in profusion. The laundryman can unfasten and organize the patches as per their owners’ names before washing them.

Furthermore, among the other benefits of Velcro backing, it will not lose its quality after a good wash. They are apt for both hand wash and machine wash.

The Durability Is Intense

We are honestly saying that PVC patches with Velcro backing can withstand almost everything, like rain, mud, soaps, and detergents. Therefore, we call them one of the toughest patches and backing.

Whether you store them with shoes, home improvement tools, or books, they will maintain their looks. However, you have to make sure the other items stay safe.

Multiple Uses

One of the useful benefits of Velcro backing is that it is easy to remove and attach to any other clothing article. If you have such a patch on your jacket, remove it and try it on your cap.

However, the other place should also possess Velcro support for a good grip. Otherwise, you might destroy the quality of the fabric you are applying the patch on.

Also, Velcro hooks are mostly seen on bags and polo shirts. However, an interesting use is on the walls. Among the benefits of Velcro backing this one allows you to fuse with creativity.

You can buy artistic patches and apply them on walls. A variety of sizes are available; therefore, no need to worry about that. However, you should make sure to buy high-quality backing.

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Military Effect

There is some kind of association between Velcro backing for PVC patches and the military. Maybe, they are robust, which makes them perfect for soldiers.

Moreover, army and police guys mingle a lot with badges; therefore, Velcro backing for PVC patches is a perfect product set for them. These tough individuals can remove such patches anytime for relaxation.

Also, people, particularly kids, who adore the services of the military or cops can even buy relevant patch sets.

They Are Customizable Too

PVC patches can also relish the design benefits of Velcro backing. You can contact an online patch store that offers personalization services and order the style you like.

Furthermore, it will not affect the quality of the patch. There are chances of size or shape variations, but that is not a matter of stress.

If you like this idea, you might also adore the collection of custom patches we manufacture.

Useful for Trips

Long journeys, either by car or by foot, require clothing and accessories that are sturdy yet comfortable. One of the benefits of Velcro backing for PVC patches is that they can withstand almost anything.

The ability to tolerate wear and tear allows you to use them during hiking, road trips, or even professional ceremonies.

Moreover, they can detach themselves just the way they stick together all along. If you require easing yourself by reducing weight, you can remove PVC patches anytime you want.

Also, by removing the patches, you can avail yourself of the breathability advantage.


Imagine you are surfing online and yearning to buy new custom PVC patches; well, it is definitely frustrating if you cannot replace the older ones.

The other patches require stitching, gluing, or ironing in order to attach to your outfits. If you try to remove them, you may disturb their quality. Moreover, this process requires an abundance of time, and not all of us can do that.

Therefore, one of the benefits of Velcro backing is that it gives you ease of energy as well as time. You can invest that time in more productive tasks, like shopping.

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Styles of PVC Patches with Velcro Backing

Funny PVC Velcro patches are quite entertaining as they spread messages with laughter. One-liners and abbreviations are the best options in our catalog. You can require a customized funny patch as well.

Sports-style patches are very common. You can acquire the print of your favorite sports team. Sports logos, kits, and celebrities are perfect style ideas.

Movie poster patches are creative, too. Any movie that you might have loved as a kid or still yearn for can become a permanent memory for you.

Whether from comic books or movies, you can pick your favorite superhero and find a similar patch.

If you are a motorcyclist, you will adore owning biker patches. The signs of skeletons and certain fonts figuratively make you a member of the Metallica music group. Also, these patches look so chic on biker jackets.

You can read this guide on different types of custom patches.


Velcro has plenty of applications in daily life, but in patches, they give a unique and enticing vibe. The PVC patches with Velcro backing are sturdy and associated with the military.

Moreover, these patches are easy to separate from hooks and attach somewhere else without destroying any clothing article. Jackets, bags, gloves, and coats are perfect examples.

Also, they will not lose their quality during the washing process. You can easily use them in the sun, rain, or even sandstorms.

Furthermore, you can opt for different style ideas like sports clubs, police, movies, funny words, and superheros.

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