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8 Ways to Use Embroidered Patches This Halloween

custom biker jacket patches

The spooky season is upon us, and that means it's time for some creative DIY crafts. If you're looking to get into the Halloween spirit this year so let us make your job easier. Check out some of the most creative Ways to Use Halloween Embroidered Patches!

From making your own Halloween embroidered patches with our easy embroidery patterns to adding a little flair to your costumes, we've got all kinds of ideas for getting in the holiday mood. Whether you're celebrating with friends or decorating your home alone, there are plenty of Ways to Use Halloween Embroidered Patches into this year's festivities!

Are you ready? Read on this list of ways for this year's holiday. First of all let’s show you some ways to use Halloween inspired embroidered patches and then also show you some DIY techniques.

Ways to Use Halloween Embroidered Patches

  • Add patches to Halloween costumes
  • Use them as decorations for your home or office
  • Make your own patch with an embroidery pattern
  • Hand out scary treats like candy, cookies, or school supplies.

DIY Techniques to Use Halloween Embroidered Patches

1. Make Custom Patches for Your Costumes

Custom Patches for Costumes

Set a spooky tone for your costumes. You can make quality custom patches with the Right Custom Patch Maker and sew them to old or new clothing items, like sweaters or jackets. All you need is some cotton fabric of decent quality, thread in the color of choice, needles, scissors and an embroidery machine if you have one!

2. Decorate Your Walls with Halloween Theme

halloween walls design ideas

Patches are also great for decorating walls with sayings that will scare trick-or-treaters on Halloween night. If your motif requires more than one patch on it, try attaching Velcro instead for easy removal when October ends. Use different fabrics throughout the house to create unique Halloween decorations, maybe even use several types of stitches too!

Make sure they're sewn securely into place so nobody gets hurt.

3. Turn Pillow into a Halloween Prop

halloween pillow patches ideas

Patch on a pillow case is a quick and easy way to give your kids their first Halloween costume that they can cherish forever. Grab an old sweater or sweatshirt, pick out some patches you think will be perfect on it, then use either iron-on adhesive or fabric glue of choice to attach them securely, no sewing required!

This is great if you only have one day off from work before the big night arrives. You could even personalize sweaters by embroidering names onto the back of each patch!

4. Halloween Accessories with Embroidered Patches

halloween custom  embroidery patches ideas

Make an accessory or accessories that will make you stand out at Halloween parties this year! For instance, masks, weapons, Wigs, or Hats. Bring some spooky embroidery patches and put them on these accessories.

And here you go! Patches can also be used to decorate your clothes and shoes!

5. Be Your Favorite Character Using Halloween Embroidered Patchess

halloween character ideas

Don't know what you want to dress up as this year? Try using embroidered patches or sew-on badges on a plain shirt or pants that reflect the spirit of any character like Batman, Wonder Woman, Thor's hammer Mjolnir (use thread color closest matching his outfit), Frankenstein monster etc.

Using iron-on transfers is another great way to get started making your costume fast without having sewn anything yet if it's not an elaborate one. When done with the look, take pictures of yourself wearing them all together within different backgrounds in order to have fun sharing them online through social networking sites or blogging.

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6. Write Quotes Using Custom Patches

halloween character quotes on embroidery

Patches can be placed on your clothes and shoes as well to make you stand out from the crowd! However, don't feel confined by their original purpose such as Halloween costumes - switch things up a bit depending on what type of patches you're using and how they will fit into your outfit that day/night. If it works with your style then go ahead whether its sparkly ones, colorful shapes, holiday themed designs or even quotes!

Write these quotes on cloth banners, make flags of them, make fabric cards and much more. The sky is the limit when looking at patch placement ideas so have fun experimenting until you find something suitable for yourself.

7. Handmade Arts and Crafts

halloween art and craft design

Bring some patches of Halloween inspired items like pumpkin, witches, and animals and set a stage for you. Have an old bedsheet whose color has been faded. Apply all your arts and crafts on that and place it on a wall or hang it somewhere in your room. You will have a perfect stage set for your Halloween party. Also, have pictures in front of your backdrop and enjoy.

8. Tumbler Inspired Patches

Cut out pieces from an old t-shirt or dress that you don't like anymore. We would recommend using either stretchy material, such as jersey knit, or something with some give to it (like cotton), rather than harder fabrics like denim and leather. You'll need about two large pieces for each patch: one piece for the front and another larger piece for the back side of your patches. Draw, knit or sew and you are done.

What to Do, If You Don’t Know How to Do Embroidery?

halloween art and craft design

For using Halloween Embroidered Patches, it is not necessary to make it them on your own. You can always buy them online or in-store and use them to giving life to your countless ideas. Even this will make your work easier and faster. If you use custom embroidered patches then you would be able to make a lot of stuff.


So are you ready to enjoy the Halloween 2021 with full joy and enthusiasm? If not, no worries, because it’s never too late. Also, the ideas we have shared are easier and quicker so you can do them even the last night before Halloween. We hope you enjoyed our list of ways to use embroidered patches this Halloween. If we missed anything, let us know and we’ll try to add it in the next blog post!

Happy Halloween!

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