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Benefits Of Customizing PVC Patches

Benefits Of Customizing PVC Patches

If you are looking for stylish patches that have long-lasting colors and integrity, then look no further than PVC patches! The benefits of customizing PVC patches are many, as these are an innovative alternative to traditional embroidered patches. The threaded variety of patches is a fantastic option for displaying your design, but PVC patches are more fun and useful.

You can choose any combination of colors and designs you like, and a patch artist will bring it to life! With the help of more advanced patch-making equipment, manufacturers can now create large-sized custom PVC patches too, such as those used for boat covers.

What Makes Up A PVC Patch?

If you've only been familiarized with embroidered patches so far, you may be asking: what are custom PVC patches?

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a synthetic polymer of plastic, a very durable material. The kind used in PVC patches is the flexible kind (the rigid variety is used in construction materials). Because it is both flexible and sturdy, PVC is an ideal means to create patches. One of the most loved benefits of customizing PVC patches is that flexible PVC doesn’t fade or crack even after a lengthy period of use.

Plus, PVC patches are quite hardwearing, even in the most extreme weather conditions. Therefore, whether you're talking about boat cover PVC patches or PVC patches for sports bags that are out in the sun all day, your patches will keep looking fantastic every day!

PVC Patches Customization– What Can You Use Them For?

PVC patches are quite versatile, which is why their uses are endless. The added benefit of light-weightiness and resilience makes these kinds of patches perfect for outdoor use. Custom PVC patches are used for:

Combat Gear For Scout Groups & Armed Forces

Heavy rain, thunderstorms, or harsh winds—PVC patches survive risky outdoor weather, unlike any other patch. The longevity benefits of customizing PVC patches are the reason these are preferred by the armed forces for combat gear. You will find many options for military and airsoft patches, as these kinds of patches are the most demanded in PVC material.

Branding Patches For Boat Safety Covers

If you've ever visited the sunny coastlines of Florida or the icy ones in Michigan, you'll observe rows of leisure and fishing boats lined up. The quality of covers for boats matters as these protect the vessel from sunlight, moisture, and the effect of the cold during winter. PVC patches are used on boat covers, as these withstand constant direct and indirect exposure to water (read How To Use PVC Patches For Boat Covers to learn more).

Decorative Charms For Bags & Shoes

Tired of the same old metal charms being rusted, losing color, and breaking off after just a few trips outside? PVC patches make beautiful charms, not just because of the variety of colors you can incorporate in one design but also because the beauty lasts for ages.

(Want to learn how to decorate your crocs with PVC charms? We’ve got you!)

Interested In Ordering Custom PVC Patches Online?

Reach out to customer service at ThePatchio for information or request a free quote for PVC patches today.

Some Amazing Benefits Of Customizing PVC Patches

We’ve covered some of the popular uses of PVC patches, but what makes PVC patches the ideal material? In the debate of PVC patches VS embroidery patches, PVC patches often take the lead. Here’s why:

1. Stain-Free & Easy To Clean

One of the major drawbacks of patches made out of yarn is that these get dirty fast and may even absorb any colorful messes (paints, beverages, etc.). Going for PVC patches customization means that you go for low-maintenance patches.

So, you don't have to be very careful around the brand-new PVC patch on your bag because all it takes is a quick wipe with a damp cloth to clean. No need to fret about those crocs getting muddy because you can get the muck out of the shoe (and its PVC shoe charms) with a simple wash!

2. Better Together With Silicone

PVC can be incorporated with other materials. For instance, our PVC patches are a combination of high-grade silicone and PVC. (Read What Are The Difference Between Silicon And PVC to learn more about the benefits of customizing PVC patches).

These patches are twice as awesome for charms as normal PVC patches, as the colors are livelier and the patch lasts longer with zero defects. These are also easy to sew on or stick to your crocs, sneakers, bags, or whatever else you may want a patch on.

3. Go Small, Go Big – It’s Up To You!

Another benefit of PVC patches customization is that you can make these more prominent in larger sizes. Though PVC patches were once limited to small and medium molds, you can now choose a patch as large as 15 inches!

These extra-large custom patches products are quite popular for boat covers in the U.S., as well as jackets and combat gear for the military and airforce. These patches have a distinct rugged look, perfect for those who love a standout design!

4. Choose Between 2-Dimensional & 3-Dimensional

While PVC patches are generally textured and have a 3D feel to them, there is a specific 3D variety. These patches have a thick layered look to them, and parts of the designs are raised prominently for a vivid look. Learn the difference between 2D and 3D PVC patches.

If you’re in the market for creative, artsy patches—such as those for charms and keychains—then 3D patches are the way to go. These are a tad more expensive than 2D patches, but the finished look of the patch is undeniably amazing and worth the investment.

5. Easy & Fun DIY Projects

PVC patches are quite forgiving, so if you use glue in the wrong place or get some glitter on it during the artwork, it's easy to clean—and, therefore, easy to use. You can create your own jewelry, keychains, badges, and other accessories using PVC patches (read How To Make PVC Patches at Home to learn more).

The benefits of customizing PVC patches are endless! Who doesn’t love a colorful, hassle-free, and cost-effective way to decorate stuff? We certainly do. At ThePatchio, we can create small, medium, and large PVC patches for you in any design and color possible!

ThePatchio – Your One-Stop Shop For Custom PVC Patches

Leverage the benefits of customizing PVC patches with the best quality products you can find—right here!

At ThePatchio, we create personalized PVC patches for individual artists and brands around the U.S. We specialize in strong and gorgeous PVC patches that have a very flexible texture for any surface. Reach out to us today to order custom patches online at reasonable rates and no-minimum order limit!

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