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How To Make & Apply Your Own Iron-on Embroidered Patches

How to Make and Apply Your Own Iron on Embroidered Patches

The embroidered patches are trending nowadays and many people are obsessed with them. They help you to add that distinct feel to any item like outfits, and shoes. Especially Custom Embroidered Patches offers you an ideal project to flaunt your elegance.

You can easily make and apply iron on patches by watching videos on how to make iron-on patches. Though, the information on the internet is enough to teach someone who hasn’t ever embroidered any fabric in their life. But still, we recommend that you hone your embroidery skills and learn the utter basics before you start.

Let’s learn the three techniques of making an iron-on patch with embroidery.

Custom Embroiderey Patches Making

How to Make Iron-on Patches?

We will tell you about three different techniques to make iron-on patches. Though there are a variety of methods, the three we are going to explain are the easiest.

For all of these techniques, you require:

  • A piece of ar
  • Fabric fuse
  • Tough cloth
  • Scissors

Here are the three different techniques.

1- How to Make Iron on Patches Using Inkjet Printer?

If you have a printer this method is easiest for you. You need to have a peel, transfer sheets, and stick fabric fuse. There is no need to buy the embroidery supplies. The first step is to find the art piece you’ll be using.

Now, capture a picture of that art piece using the coolest phone in your home and transfer it to your PC. To preserve the quality of the image, email it. Resize the picture to the size of your patch with the help of photo editing software.

Load the inkjet transfer paper into the printer. Produce the image leave it until it's dried and then take it away from the printer tray. After the printout is completely dried, gather your scissors, thick fabric, and iron.

Place the fabric on the ironing board and position the image print out flat on its face on the thick fabric.

Stick to the directions on the package for time and heat. When the image is transported, flake it off and leave the picture so that it's dried.

Harley Davidson Embroidery Patch
Quick Silver Crew Embroidery Patch

2- How to Make Iron-on Patches Using the Hand Embroidery Method?

You can use this method if you have amazing artistic abilities. We don’t mean that you necessarily have to be an artist but you would need to do some handwork. it's a good idea to watch one or two YouTube videos about hand embroidery before you begin.

By watching these videos, you will get to know whether you can embroider or not. You will need an embroidery hoop and embroidery floss to use this method.

Follow these steps:

  1. Carve out the art piece you want to transform into a patch
  2. Stick its left side to the back of the heavy fabric with a tape
  3. Turn the embroidery loop to a lightbox or window and outline your design with a pencil.
  4. After tracing the design, pick the colors of embroidery yarn you’ll utilize
  5. Fill up the design with embroidery thread delicately
  6. You can watch videos on what are the most effortless stitches to employ
  7. Once you have filled up the design, don’t forget to tidy up the back
  8. Tie knots where necessary and cut off the extra thread. This step is necessary otherwise, the gluey page won’t transmit well in the upcoming step.

Some Tips for Beginners in Hand Embroidery Method

Don’t pick a complicated design if you are just a beginner in hand embroidery. We recommend beginning with simple designs so that you can practice hand embroidery.

Map out a unique basic design for you, or look for a design on the internet to use. Choose artwork that you can finish with not more than three embroidery thread colors. Go for depictions such as a yin yang sign, smiley face, or cherries.

Another great idea is to choose a phrase or words like love or peace. If you have prior stitching skills, that’s good, otherwise, you can go ahead with embroidering your patch without any prior sewing experience.

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Custom Name Chenille Patches
Dollar Bag Chenille Patch Design

3-How to Make Iron-on Patches Using the Sewing Machine Method?

If you are an expert at using the sewing machine, this is an ideal way for you to make iron-on patches. You would need to follow the first four steps of the above method and then carry on with the following steps.

  1. Outline your picture onto a thick cloth
  2. Adjust the sewing machine to 0, 2 so that you can make thick and nice lines
  3. Keep to the lines of the design using a zigzag stitch
  4. Make sure that you lift and hinge the needle as required. The width of the outlines will make it super easy for the thread to knot
  5. Keep sewing gradually and with accuracy. This technique is not for people with little tolerance
  6. After you have completed, check your last stitch to fix it
  7. Withdraw it from the sewing machine and there you are! You have embroidered a patch with a sewing machine

How to Apply Iron-on Patches?

Once you have created custom patches, it's time to apply them to your clothing or any other item.

To begin, you will need these items:

  • A light towel
  • The custom patch & dress/outfit
  • An iron and rigid surface

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Layout the clothing first and position the custom embroidered patch above the clothing in your desired position
  2. Set the iron on medium heat and ensure that no steam setting is on
  3. Softly press the patch with the iron for around 10 seconds. This will stimulate the glue
  4. Cautiously, turn the clothing/bag inside out and put the towel down above the patched area
  5. Leave the iron above the patched area for 20-30 seconds
  6. Wait until it is cooled down and then touch or move

How to Apply Iron-on Patches Using the Heat Press Sublimation Method

Here is a step-by-step guide to making Heat Press Sublimation T-Shirts by using the heat press sublimation method.

Follow through these steps:

  1. Print the chosen piece of art on sublimation paper employing a sublimation printer
  2. With the help of a heat resistant tape, adhere patches to the sublimation paper
  3. Adjust the heat press to 190 degrees Centigrade for 45 seconds
  4. Lay down newsprint paper above the platen
  5. Now position the patches front side up and set newsprint paper above it
  6. Begin heat pressing with the machine already set on light-medium pressure
  7. After 45 seconds, pull out the sublimation paper
  8. Beware as its sizzling at this point
  9. Voila! You have sublimated an iron-on patch
Puka Girl Iron on Patches
Shamrock Express Rounded Embroidery Patch


Embroidered iron-on patches provide us with an amusing and trendy way to impress people with our style statement. Making DIY iron-on embroidered patches is no hard job. You can make any kind of embroidery design on your patch and customize it exactly as you desire.

The methods provided in this blog can be easily followed with just a little talent and patience. For any of the methods mentioned above, choose designs depending on how big you want the patches to be.

Although, there are no hard-and-fast rules smaller patterns, like the elements in a vegetable design, work well. Plus, you can pick-and-choose some of the different methods of making an iron-on embroidered patch.

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