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Needlepoint vs. Embroidery - What's the Difference?

Needlepoint vs. Embroidery

If we look back through the years, embroidery probably surpasses all different kinds of fashion nuances. Basic embroidery, being one of the oldest fashion trends, has been translated into various categories. The most famous and debated is the needlepoint vs. embroidery category.

Note that embroidery in itself is not a magnificent art; provided it is done right, people still find new and inventive ways to stand out. And thus, sub-categories like cross stitch and needle points emerged.

Couples with the epic diversity when it comes to colors and shapes, if we talk about the artistic aspect, the embroidery vs. needlepoint debate ceases to matter. Because the results are always pleasing to the eye.

However, as it is with everything in the world, there might be some aspects that are better than others. Not to mention the striking contrast between the two, especially concerning the creation aspect, there are several differences. And today, we are going to talk at length about the needlepoint vs. embroidery debate along with the advantages that both possess.

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And when we talk about the embroidery vs. needlepoint debate, both are customer favorites. However, there are certain aspects of both needlepoint vs. embroidery debate that take precedence over the other.

Keeping in mind the vast customer base that both sides of the embroidery vs. needlepoint debate hold, below is a list of crucial differences between needlepoint and embroidery. But before we get into that, let us first understand what embroidery and needlepoint are.

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What is Needlepoint?

A type of embroidery that has been prevailing for centuries, needlepoint is as artistic as it is intricate. Rather than on a cloth, needlepoint is generally done on a canvas. This gives ample reason for its other name, that is, canvas work.

Unlike other kinds of embroidery, needlepoint is much more sturdy and durable. This is why it is majorly used to create pieces like rugs, tapestries, cushion covers, and decorative items.

Depending upon the type of canvas you are using, there are several sub-categories of needlepoint. Some of them are as mentioned below:

  • Quick point
  • Petit point
  • Gros point

Each of these is different due to the type of canvas used. More so because of the number of holes per inch. The more the holes per inch, the more detailed, precise, and time-consuming your design will be.

What is Embroidery?

Covering a wide range of fabric crafts, embroidery is as diverse an art as any. Simply speaking, it is the art of decorating cloths or fabrics with intricate and enchanting designs using a needle and thread. Embroidery can also entail the usage of other materials like yarn, quills, pearls, and beads.

The most fundamental categories of embroidery are probably machine and hand embroidery. If we go further into these categories, there are also various different ways to make creative stitches.

Let's talk about the differences between needlepoint vs. embroidery without further ado.

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Difference Between Needlepoint and Embroidery

Although both embroidery vs. needlepoint has vastly different in various aspects, the fact remains that both give consumers flexible options. Some of the most prominent and crucial differences between needlepoint vs. embroidery are as follows:

The Creation Process

Needlepoint designs generally comprise of intricate works of tapestry wool. While on the other hand, embroidery uses threads of varying kinds and sizes to create designs. While there is no doubt that both have exquisite results, the types differ vastly.

The Fabric

When it comes to embroidery in the embroidery vs. needlepoint debate, there is no limitation to the fabric. You can choose to embroider a pillow cover, towels, shoes, bags, etc. The choices are endless.

However, concerning the needlepoint embroidery, you can only get that on canvas material. This is the only fabric with large enough holes to allow the passage of wool threads.

Modes of Creation

One of the most prominent differences between embroidery and needlepoint is the creative process. The two main types of creation methods involve stitching with either hand or machine.

While implementing both of these methods is extremely easy when it comes to embroidery, needlepoint is a different matter altogether. This is because you can only do needlepoint by hand.

At The Patchio, we provide custom embroidered patches with the choice of hand-made and machine-made.

Variations of Stitches

This is another crucial difference between the two. On needlepoint, you can only employ one kind of stitch, the tent stitch.

Embroidery, however, is much more diverse in terms of types of stitches. There are different kinds of stitches, including cross stitch, chain stitch, blanket stitch, and running stitch.


It is no hidden fact that both types of embroidery can last for a while. However, comparatively, needlepoint embroidery is considerably sturdier, with tighter integrated locks. These are very hard to break due to washing or usage. Therefore, when it comes to it, needlepoint embroidery will decisively last much longer than simple thread embroidery.

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Regardless of durability, both types of embroideries have varying costs. As mentioned above, the more holes per inch for needlepoint embroidery, the more detailed and time-consuming the design gets. And therefore, it will be more expensive.

On the other hand, when it comes to embroidery, it depends on the intricacy of the design. Moreover, colors, whether it is machine made or hand-made, and the types of fabric it is on play an enormous role as well. Not to mention what kinds of stitches were used to create the design. All things considered, not surprisingly, the cost rises simultaneously with the quality.

The Bottom Line

No matter the kind of patch you order, the items you receive should be of unparallel standard. And this is what we guarantee at The Patchio. With our array of professional designers and workers, we ensure that everything you order is of the utmost quality and surpasses all expectations.

The beauty of both needlepoint and embroidery was never a question. However, the differences do seem to create a massive rift between the consumers. Hence the never-ending debate. But what we can promise you is nothing less than perfection in any case.

No design is too hard to accomplish with our machinery and professional artists. Especially if you opt for our custom patches option. No matter what you send our way, we will tackle it with finesse and artistically. And end results will no doubt be pleasing.

So, contact us on our official website and place an order if you want standard and quality needlepoint work or embroidered patches. Furthermore, suppose you have further details pertaining to your order. In that case, you can always talk to our customer service department, who are available round the clock for your assistance.

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