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What is the Process of PVC Keychain Production

What is the Process of PVC Keychain Production

The increasingly popular PVC keychains have been the rage for quite some time now. This fact could be attributed to the multifaceted uses of the said products. Despite the fact that they are generally the size of a ball, PVC keychains are as practical and functional as they are fetching and appealing.

Especially with the custom PVC keychain option available for the customers at The Patchio, your keychain can look irresistible and charming, carry a personal message or opinion, and help keep your keys and trinkets safe in the same place, all at the same time!

There are various options in terms of design and materials that you can choose from. These PVC keychains can be made from plastic, metal, rubber, and embroidered cloth. So regardless of your personal preferences, it is highly likely that you will find the right match for you. And if not, we at The Patchio are well equipped to custom design your partiality into reality.

With such an entrenched consumer base, it is no wonder that there is a considerable amount of PVC keychain-making establishments popping up everywhere, mass-producing the customers' favorite designs and materials round the clock. This might lead one to speculate on the production process of the said keychains and how mere ideas can turn into a creative little masterpiece.

The Miscellaneous Process of PVC Keychain Production – The Various Methods

The process of PVC keychain production can be categorized into two main processes; the manual dispensing process and the micro drip method of the mechanical dispenser.

Custom PVC Keychains
Cartoon PVC Keychain

The Manual Dispensing Process

Generally used in a small-scale operation, the manual dispensing process is somewhat limited with only a small number of molds. This method is widely utilized by those establishing a start-up or small-scale business and has a sparse number of orders from each customer. Albeit, availing of the manual dispensing process is the ideal path to take if you are in the initial stages of establishing a business.

The Micro Drip from the Mechanical Dispenser

Because of the various number of mold openings, this PVC keychain production process is used by large-scale companies for mass production. The most significant advantage of this process is that the production speed is exceptionally fast and can prove to be financially profitable as the faster the production, the more the customer and more the orders.

Methods of production are only one of the first few aspects behind the process of PVC keychain production. A lot of mental and physical exertion goes into the multiple stages to create such ornate and charming little trinkets.

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PVC Keychain Production Process – The Infinite Creativity

The initial process of the making of PVC keychains, before the physical production, consists of various creative stages that all work in rhythm together to form the product to the customers' likeness and demands.

Especially at The Patchio, the primary creative stages are the most crucial in order to meet the customer’s expectations. This process consists of 3 main phases:

The Designing

This takes place immediately after the customer places the order. During the placement of the order, the customer is required to state their specifications and requirements in relevance to the materials, design, size, and amount of the PVC keychains. The design team then will create a rough sketch or graphic illustration of the described product or send an array of sample photos to the customer to get their approval.

The Modelling

Modelling refers to the making of the mold in accordance with the designs approved by the customer. In this stage, we develop the molds along with the auxiliary equipment that goes with the products.

The Tinting

Probably the hardest part of the process, the tinting step involves color matching the PVC keychain according to the approved designs. This involves the process of the color coding according to the color card; otherwise, the color of the proofing product will be vastly different than that of the design draft.

The Process of PVC keychain production is intricate and delicate, to say the least. However, we at Patch have always endeavored to provide full customer satisfaction by creating unique and long-lasting products. Coupled with a diverse number of materials and designs, our PVC keychains are the best in the business.

Purple 2d Custom PVC Keychain
Nike Shoes PVC Custom Keychain

Custom PVC keychains at The Patchio

At Patchio, we never compromise on quality. As a customer-oriented company, we have always strived to create the best product that is sure to be adored by our loyal clientele. And because of that, considering the ever-flourishing PVC keychain market, we have made customizing option available that comes with the choice of designs, materials, sizes, and colors.

Along with the more popular rubber, metal, and plastic materials that are generally used to make PVC keychains, we also provide our customers with the added option of Embroidered keychains and custom PVC patches. Now our customers can enjoy a little diversity in their PVC keychain collection or have their first-ever PVC keychain custom built to their preference.

Uses of PVC Keychains

Consumers can use PVC keychains for various reasons, along with their productive value. The most common reason for the mass production of these PVC keychains is demands made by businesses or companies. It has become a trend amongst large corporations to have hundreds of these keychains made to give their employees and workers tiny souvenirs or gifts.

People also tend to use these PVC keychains for aesthetic purposes or to actualize fond memories like their favorite cartoon or design of scenery of country where they had one of the best vacations. Along with that, PVC keychains can also be used to openly express an opinion that can be in relevance to politics, TV shows, movements, cultures, laws, traditions, etc.
The basal fact is that PVC keychains are a subtle and creative way to express yourself.

In Conclusion…

It can sometimes be hard to imagine that what used to be mere plastic or deformed metal is now a little artistic masterpiece, capable of conforming with people's emotions, opinions, and imaginations. And at The Patchio, we take your predilections and inclinations and turn them into reality. Not only that, but with the utilization of quality and application of caliber craftsmanship, our PVC keychain guarantees resilience and longevity.
All you have to do is imagine, and we can create it into existence for you.

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