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Top 5 PVC Patch Trends for 2024

Top 5 PVC Patch Trends for 2023

Custom PVC patches are certainly one of the most appealing and interesting patches out there. You simply can’t go wrong with choosing to turn your logo or any other design into a high-quality PVC patch. These enhance the look of anything they are put on.

After all, what are custom PVC patches, if not little pieces of artwork?

PVC Patch Trends To Look Out For In 2023

With time and technology, customized patches are introduced to newer trends. With more individual artists, teams, clubs, and brands considering PVC patches for creative and marketing purposes, there's a world of PVC patch trends for you to consider!

Take a look at the top PVC patch trend for the year.

PVC Patch Trends #1: 3-Dimensional Patches Taking Precedence

3D PVC Patches are not a new invention, but for the longest time, brands have turned towards 2D PVC patches. And while 2D patches are still popular, 3D PVC patch trends are taking the lead among different customized patches.

While traditional 2D patches have a unique texture, 3D patches are crafted with a sort of “layering” technique that makes them look attractive (read Difference between 2D and 3D PVC Patches to learn more).

If you choose to convert your artwork into 3-dimensional patches, different parts of the said artwork are printed in a layered way. Hence, the prominent features of the design (which you can specify to your patch team) are raised for prominence. This way, you can highlight significant elements like lettering, making the details pop out and grab the attention of the onlookers at first view.

While 3D patches have a slightly higher quote than 2D patches, the final look of the patches is worth the investment for compelling marketing. The benefits of customizing PVC patches to include 3D designs include offering more visually appealing merchandise to audiences, loyal customers, business partners, and more.

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PVC Patch Trends #2: Bold Colors & Graphics Increasingly Popular

One of the many pros of PVC patches is that the shades are quite vibrant, far more so than most other kinds of patches. You can leverage this feature and add bold and bright colors in your PVC patch design, as the final result will not dull the look but enhance it more.

You don't have to stick to intricate designs with lettering. With the latest PVC patch trends being bright, bold, beautiful colors and designs, test the limits of your creativity. Whether we are talking about brand logos, team artwork, or club merchandise, these vibrant patches will suit all kinds of purposes!

PVC Patch Trends #3: Patches For Other Than Clothing

PVC patches were once popularly used on clothing, usually by construction companies for their employees’ uniforms. A lot of brands in other industries caught on to the trend and started opting for different ways to apply PVC patches on clothing to display their logo.

However, there are so many other uses for PVC patches, some of which are becoming quite popular. Not just brands, but individual artists are also turning to PVC patches for innovative projects. Here are a few ways you can use PVC patches:

  • Branding accessories like bags, caps, hats, and keychains.
  • For making jewelry such as necklaces, charms, and more.
  • Charms for shoes (particularly canvas and other fabric shoes).

Besides using PVC patches for customizing your bags, caps, keychains, and others, another popular use of PVC patches is coverings. We're talking about tents, camping gear, and of course boat covers. These outdoor use things and PVC patches are quite compatible—because, unlike threads in woven patches such as embroidered or chenille patches, PVC is water-resistant. Withstanding exposure to moisture, PVC patches are truly advantageous for brands that sell camping, hiking, trekking, and water sports items.

PVC Patch Trends #4: Advanced Tech Resulting in Larger Patches

Once, most patches, including PVC patches, had a low size limit when it came to larger patches. Now, custom patches products can be found in larger variations. PVC patches are no exception; you can go up to 10-15 inches in width and height (depending on the manufacturer) for PVC patches.

These kinds of large patches may sound impractical, given that attaching PVC patches can be tricky, but they are useful. Large PVC patches can be attached to the backs of jackets, on boat covers (as discussed above), to create banners and more. PVC patches are incredibly durable and the colors show up vibrantly, which means that although you get large patches, these can be used for a long time.

PVC patches can be used in crafts. Instead of the usual cardboard and quick-degrading paper material, you can opt for PVC. By doing so, you can avoid creating the same thing over and over again.

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PVC Patch Trends #5: Mixed-Material Patches Are On The Rise

Pair the features of PVC patches with the features of another patch to create something unique that you will love using! PVC patches are as popular as embroidered patches. Both of these have their own appeal. No matter which clothing or accessory they are attached to, each transforms the style, gives character, and lasts well. Together, these two patches have an unmatched flair!

One of the best PVC patch trends is mixed patches, and you can pair a PVC patch with embroidered or woven patch elements. Typically, a mixed patch will have the main design using one patch style and the border using another. Some mixed patches also combine two styles within the primary design as well, but there are certain limitations in design. You can use mixed patches for uniforms, casual clothing, jackets, caps/hats, bags, or keychains (read How To Make PVC Patches at Home for ideas).

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