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Guide To Using PVC Patches For Customizing Your Bags

Guide To Using PVC Patches For Customizing Your Bags

One of the most versatile patches for creative projects, PVC patches can be used on a variety of things. Other than the standard logo patches, you can design PVC patches for artsy stuff. In today’s discussion of combining innovation and custom patches products, we’ll talk about PVC patches for customizing your bags!

Why Use PVC Patches For Customizing Your Bags?

Why not? When you've got a minimal-looking bag—and you're getting bored with the "minimal" aspect of it—adorning it is a great solution. You can use enamel pins, or you can use some kind of fabric, but neither holds up against the amazingness that is custom PVC patches!

Here are a few reasons why PVC patches are perfect for DIY decorating accessories and shoes:

Durable Décor

PVC patches are made of soft, flexible polyvinyl chloride, which is robust. Add in silicon, like in the patches you’ll find at ThePatchio, and you’ve got yourself a patch that withstands heat and moisture. You want your bags to last as long as possible—and the same goes for the PVC patches you’ll be placing on them.

Easy Maintenance

Wipe and clean—it is THAT simple to maintain PVC patches. One of the best features of PVC patches is the plastic-rubber nature of the material. High-quality PVC patches are also resistant to staining, so you don't have to worry about your patch changing color. If your PVC patch gets exceptionally dirty, a little dish soap and water is all it takes to get it back to its former vibrancy. Since PVC patches are waterproof, you don't have to worry about rain or your bag falling into a puddle.

Unlimited Creativity

No matter what shape, size, or color combination you have in mind to design PVC patches for customizing your bags, a patch expert can make it happen. PVC patches are shaped inside specially-made molds, and the colors are customized too. Therefore, you can have any artwork turned into a superb-looking custom patch!

There are so many more benefits of customizing PVC patches. You can even use them to decorate shoes such as crocs and sneakers. However, creating PVC patches that are well-received and last well on bags is all about the details.

Want To Order Custom PVC Patches Online?

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How To Design & Use PVC Patches For Customizing Your Bags

When it comes to bags, what are custom PVC patches? Think of your patches are ribbons or buttons, or any other embellishment. Great finished results are all about choosing the right color combination and picking out the correct means to attach and secure patches on the surface of the bag.

Choosing Colors & Designs

Whether you're designing PVC patches for customizing your bags or for a brand, pay attention to what's visually appealing. PVC patches are vibrant, with a soft yet clean look that pairs well with cross-body, handbags, totes, and even wallets. However, you don't want the patch to blend with the bag.

Make sure your design stands out, and choose a contrasting mix of colors. If your PVC patch has any text, choose a color different from the base color to make it readable.

You can choose small or large PVC patches. Keep these as small as 2x2 inches for wallets, or go up to a whopping 15 inches large PVC patch for a travel bag!

Another thing you should consider is complexity. Sure, you can add whatever colors you like. However, the more intricate your art, the more "jumbled up" it may become on the final patch product. Less is more, simplicity is appealing.

As for the shape of your patch, consider your budget. One of the pros of PVC patches is that they are made in custom molds for unique designs. Since highly-customized shapes mean that your patch experts will create a special mold for your order, this will increase your final cost. You may also have to order more patches than the minimum limit.

Picking Out A Backing

There are some slight differences between ways to apply PVC patches on clothing and bags. However, PVC patches are quite easy to attach to bags since you can either use the sew-on method or stick these with a super-strong adhesive. If we're talking fabric-based bags such as totes, then stitching the patch is perfect for durability. You can also sew the patch on a leather bag (professional tailoring is a great idea!).

However, for PU leather or similar material, you can use an adhesive. Alternatively, you can pin the patch using the kind of thumb-tack pins for enamel pins.

Certain PVC patches work with heat, though we don’t recommend you try and secure your PVC patch using an iron. Avoid iron-on patches and simply go for sew-on PVC patches for customizing your bags.

Choosing 3D PVC Patches For Customizing Your Bags

If you want your bags to get that funky makeover, consider 3D patches. Sure, PVC patches already have that nice raised look that reminds you of 3D stickers, but regular PVC patches are in fact 2-dimensional.

3D PVC patches have different levels, resulting in a textured look (read Difference Between 2D and 3D PVC Patches to learn more). Therefore, if you’re looking to create artsy patches—such as those for keychains and charms—then 3D patches are the way to go. The finished look of the patch is amazing. 3D patches cost more than 2D patches, but the final result is unmatched. These are more aesthetically pleasing than 2D PVC patches and sure to make your newly-revamped bag a head-turner!

Ordering Custom PVC Patches Online

Now that you’ve got the details on using PVC patches for customizing your bags, you’re ready to design and order. If you want to learn more about fun projects you can do with PVC patches, read How To Make PVC Patches at Home.

At ThePatchio, we’re your one-stop shop for custom patches online. Our patch artists are armed and ready with skills and equipment to transform your artwork into spectacular PVC patches. Send us your design today, and we’ll get back to you with a free quote!

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