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A Guide to Designing Sublimation Patches for International Day of Peace

A Guide to Designing Sublimation Patches for International Day of Peace

Custom patches are a beautiful and creative way to celebrate occasions, including national events. Where nearly all patches are perfectly good candidates for occasion patches, sublimation patches stand out because you can ‘print’ pictures on these. So, what are you designing sublimation patches for next?

How about sublimation patches for International Day of Peace?

Arriving soon on September 21st is the International Day of Peace, declared by the United Nations (UN) as a significant day of observation worldwide. The purpose behind the organization of this day is dedication to strengthening peace and harmony between countries. For 24 hours, ongoing disputes are held, ceasefires are declared, and violence is stopped.

Harmonious living is a practice we need to adopt in our daily lives, but for a whole day, we can exercise this principle with 100% commitment. One of the many acts of goodness you can do this day is spread awareness—and sublimation patches are a superb way to do just that!

Designing Sublimation Patches of Peace

This year’s theme for the International Day of Peace is Actions for Peace: Our Ambition for the #GlobalGoals. With global conflicts having risen considerably throughout the year and poverty driven by the resulting inflation, it’s high time for us to do our part in promoting peace—and ensure a better future for us all.

Sublimation patches for International Day of Peace may seem like a small step to promote harmonious living, but these have a massive impact in the long run. By reminding people that we live not just for ourselves but also have to think of the betterment of others, custom patches products play a vital role on this day.

In this guide, we’ve got a simple step-by-step process for designing sublimation patches. It's time to put your creativity to the test for a rewarding cause!

Step 1: Choose Your Peace Artwork

Traditionally, the symbol for the International Day of Peace—a dove carrying an olive branch in its beak—is featured in related artwork. You can create your own variation of this symbol or get an image off the internet.

Peace tip: Make sure to ask permission and give credit to the creator for authorized images if you intend to use your patches for commercial purposes.

You can also create or select other artwork that represents peace. Since this year’s theme by the UN is Actions for Peace: Our Ambition for the #GlobalGoals, how about something that reflects its meaning?

When choosing artwork for sublimation patches, you have the freedom to pick out intricate designs. Unlike embroidered patches of other color patches, sublimated patches involve no stitching or weaving. Since the colors are transferred onto twill backing using heated ink, the entire image is replicated without distortions.

In short, sublimation patches are versatile; you’ll find several awesome uses of custom-made sublimation patches. And while you have fewer restrictions to observe in terms of design, make sure any lettering you have on your patch is large enough for clarity’s sake.

Need To Order Custom Sublimation Patches Online?

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Step 2: Pick a Backing For Your Peace Patches

Once you’re done designing sublimation patches, choose what method you will use to attach these to clothes or accessories (or which method you think other people will find easier for using your patch).

In the case of sublimation patches, you can choose any kind of backing. Unlike complex patches such as PVC patches, sublimation patches are suited for heat applications (read PVC Patches vs. Sublimation Patches).

If these are meant for a clothing line dedicated to the Day of Peace, then a sew-on patch works well. If you intend to distribute these patches as employee gifts or brand marketing tools, how about iron-on patches that are easy to apply?

You can also choose Velcro backing, which is especially favored for limited-time patches for service uniforms, such as those for military, law enforcement, and firefighters.

Finally, if you are creating badges or notebook sticker sublimation patches for International Day of Peace, go for backless patches that can be used with adhesive.

Step 3: Figuring Out Cost & Quantity

Don’t forget to check your budget when designing sublimation patches! The shape, size, colors, and backing of your patch all collectively determine what you'll be paying.

If you're ordering sublimation patches for International Day of Peace as an individual artist or a small business, you may want to simplify the design to keep your costs low.

Sublimation patches are an important investment for this occasion, especially if your uses of sublimation patches involve branding. However, don't go over your budget. One way to get a great quote is to stick to simple shapes, employ minimal artwork, and order a quantity well over the minimum order limit to get bulk discounts!

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Final Step: Ordering Sublimation Patches

Shop around and compare prices when ordering sublimated patches online. Choose patch manufacturers with experience in creating dye sublimation patches, and don’t forget to ask for samples for International Day of Peace patches or something similar.

Dye sublimation or ‘printing’ on patches is a fairly quick process, so you may not have to wait long to get your order. Check for the use of high-quality transfer inks and printers to ensure that you get great-looking and durable patches that last you long—and may even be reusable for the day of peace next year. There are ways to use dye sublimation patches for revamping clothes, so these are usable at any time.

Designing Sublimation Patches with ThePatchio

We’re always glad to be a part of your celebrations for a greater purpose. As leading U.S. patch manufacturers with independent and business clients in various industries, we’ve done our fair share of sublimation patches for different causes.

At ThePatchio, we’re prepped and ready to take your order of sublimation patches for International Day of Peace. Reach out to us today to get a free quote for placing an order for custom patches online. Don't forget to upload your image (for the sublimation patch) for us to process and get back to you.

Let’s get started!

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