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The History of Police Patches, Symbols, and Ranks

The History of Police Patches, Symbols, and Ranks

Just like any other department, custom police patches also hold prime significance in terms of respect and portraying some kind of message.

Nowadays, you will find an abundance of outlets or patch manufacturers like us that are selling absolute quality for designing accurate products for you.

However, before leaning towards any category, including personalized police patches, the knowledge of the origin or symbols can enhance the product’s worth in your life.

Here, you will briefly learn the history of police patches alongside certain symbols and ranks. Also, you can determine how to place a reliable order for police patches.

Comprehending the History of Police Patches

The police patches have been in use for branding and advertisement purposes for years. Also, they are one of the most visible parts of police uniforms.

The history of police patches dates back to medieval times. During that era, a coat of arms played a vital role in demonstrating loyalty.

Knights during medieval times admired wearing this symbol as it was a clear depiction of allegiances. Moreover, it also made a distinction in its visual design.

The closest ally to the history of police patches is the Maltese Cross in firefighter badges. This demonstrates the symbol of protection and willingness to sacrifice one’s life.

The patches products on many police patch manufacturing companies’ websites will underlie the trending as well as historic designs, in case you are new to this history.

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Symbols and Ranks

Police patches or badges are essential for identification. These accessories in the uniforms symbolize the ranks and messages which others can easily recognize.

Moreover, one can order custom patches for unique patch designs depending on the aura of the department.

Also, there are the intricacies of the names and logos of departments that collectively help to identify the ranks or departments of the officers.

Besides, wearing such patches is an honor for what the forefathers of this category of work did for the nation or the world. Paying homage is necessary to encourage the current and upcoming generations.

Concerning the police patch designs, the number of stars is extremely crucial. If the police officer has one star on his or her patch, it represents the entry-level rank.

Furthermore, as the stars increase, they illustrate the higher ranks, such as lieutenant or sergeant. Thus, the public can conveniently recognize the ranks because of the prominence of police patches.

These symbols also assist the public in calling or heading to the right officer in their time of need.

Besides the years of history of police patches, the designs were simpler before as compared to today. There was less complication in police patch colors and artwork.

How to Order Police Patches?

If you are fully aware of the concept of police patches, you will conveniently point out which symbols or colors can work best for your police patch order.

The first and foremost step is to decide which material will work efficiently for your purpose. There are plenty of options like embroidery, PVC, and leather, each comprising its own benefits.

Secondly, you should know whether the customized police patches are more apt for your purpose or if you are willing to buy ready-made patches.

Before doing any research on the customization, you should also determine the types of custom patches that can prove suitable for the personalization of these police uniform accessories.

Afterward, start designing the artwork yourself. Look at the images online and come up with a draft that is unique yet aligns well with the message and purpose of the police department.

Carefully investigate which colors will look best on these uniforms, and never underestimate the value of visibility. People should easily understand the patch design from a distance.

Backings and Durability

Moreover, like ThePatchio, many renowned brands offer various backings for police patches. Velcro and sew-on are some of the popular types which help in attaching them firmly to the clothes.

While doing research on the concept of police patches, you should opt for durability and good strength so that the products can withstand various atmospheres because of the essence of police duties.

Additionally, police patches are not merely for uniforms, many buyers are considering such orders for associated branding purposes and use these patches on other accessories or gadgets.

One of the prominent use is on mobile cases, whether you are in police department or not. Your inspiration or love for police force can formulate a mark on your smartphone covers.

To embrace the complicated designs, you can look to order printed patches. Many customers prefer the sublimation patches to make the sophistication of designs more outstanding.

Last but not least, you should never ignore the value of the sizes of these patches. This signifies where you are going to put the patches on the uniform or elsewhere.

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