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Trendy Embroidered Patch Designs for Christmas

Trendy Embroidered Patch Designs for Christmas

Can you believe that the holiday season is almost here? It’s high time to start thinking about Christmas décor and gifts. How about making this year's celebrations fun with trendy embroidered patch designs for Christmas?

Creative & Classy Patch Designs for Christmas

Let's get started, we've got various trendy ideas for embroidered patch designs for Christmas. You can add these to an array of clothing and accessory items. Design custom embroidered holiday patches for sweaters or create keychains as Christmas gifts, the applications of Christmas patches are endless and fun. Here are the designs you can choose:

Cute Christmas Teddy Design

Plain red and white rompers feel a bit ‘meh’ when you have a little one around the house…and you want to dress them up in something super-cute and creative. Enter: Christmas teddy bear embroidered patches.

This is one of the simplest patch designs for Christmas; all you need is to create an artwork or get one online of a Santa hat-wearing teddy bear. It's a superb idea to create a one-of-a-kind onesie or pajamas. Go for iron-on embroidered patches in teddy designs to save the effort of sewing.

You can get a bunch of these custom embroidered patches for all the little ones. Plus, teddy bear design embroidered patches on any children's clothing or hats can make fantastic Christmas gifts too!

Minimal Candy Cane Design

Ordering Christmassy patches on a budget and want to minimize the colors and complexity of your design? How about candy canes?

You can get a bunch of these custom patches for some decoration fun. Create a streamer of candy cane patches to hand at the doors. Also, you can use a pin with these to hang on the Christmas tree as simple yet beautiful ornaments.

The best part about these minimal patch designs for Christmas is that you get to order pretty patches on a budget. Plus, the more patches you order, the lower a quote you get—and you end up with loads of candy cane patches to spread around the house for a classic Christmassy look.

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‘Merry Christmas’ Garlands

What’s the one thing that is always in fashion at any Christmas, at home or workplace, and at nearly every door when you step outside?

We’re talking about Christmas garlands of course! The real thing is pretty and very, very festive. Try the embroidered patch version in your Christmas décor this time. We suggest a traditional round garland with holly, circling the words ‘Merry Christmas’.

There are so many ways you can use this design in patches products. Here are some ideas:

  • Create tree hangings. You can order large-sized patches too.
  • Gift one each to your friends and family, so they can decorate their homes.
  • Add a logo to the design and pack these patches up with corporate gifts for some festive cheer.
  • Create napkin rings. Get simple napkin rings and attach these with an adhesive.

You can also customize your plain T-shirt, sweater, or jacket with a garland design embroidered patch for an effortless festive outfit!

Die-Cut Snowflake Design

A snowflake is likely one of the trickiest decorations to accomplish, even for those who are seasoned designated Christmas decorators in their homes. How about you skip the hours of work with paper and scissors, and leave the hard work to patch experts?

Snowflake patches are usually made using the die-cut method, where sharp cuts create a striking visual impact in the final design. Snowflake patches are perfect when you want neutral and neat decorations. Use these for door décor or add to dark red or black linen for a standout look.

You can also customize your own Christmas sweater. One of the coolest ways to wear iron-on patches this Christmas is by adding various snowflake patches to a monotone or printed sweater.

Cheery Snowman Design

Looking to embellish your jacket or bag with large holiday-themed patch designs for Christmas? A snowman is the easiest to apply, given the limited number of corners and crevices to work with.

Go for a classic snowman or dress it up in a Santa hat and scarf for a bit more pizzazz. You can order embroidered patches as large as 10 inches, perfect for all your jacket patches needs. For an easy application, choose iron-on patches.

However, if you want something that’s easier to get off so you can keep using your jacket once Christmas is over, go for sew-on patches. Stitch these by hand for easier removal later on. If you care for and maintain your embroidered patches well, you get you use these the next holiday season too!

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Lettering Embroidered Patches

Not really into drawings and caricatures as embroidered patch designs for Christmas? No worries; you can always go simple and straightforward with lettering.

Letter embroidered patches don’t have to be boring if you channel some creativity and come up with funny exclamations and quotes. You can choose letters when designing embroidered patches for caps, bags, and jackets. These are perfect for that minimal touch to clothes and accessories, whether you are creating trendy apparel for your brand or for personal use.

Intricate Christmas Tree Patches

Finally, one of the timeless and trendiest embroidered patch designs for Christmas is the classic evergreen conifer tree patch. Deck yours in snow or add a series of lights. You can choose to add metallic threads to your embroidered patches to add a twinkling touch.

However, make sure to limit the silver or golden touch to enhance the patch without going over the top. Here, less is more (read The Do's & Don'ts of Creating Custom Embroidered Patches). You can stick or sew these lively patches onto pillows and cushions, sweaters, caps, and more. The bright hues in these embroidered patches can transform the look of anything!

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