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An Ultimate Guide on Standard Patch Sizes

Standard Patch Sizes

Regardless of the patch sizes, patches have been a prominent part of the fashion industry for as long as anyone can remember. From being the heart of brotherhoods like the biker clubs to having the most prestigious history in association with Harvard University, patches have seen it all.

Furthermore, patches have also been part of famous protests that resulted in various forms of liberation in the history of our country.

The popularity gained by patches led them to grace the pieced of famous and esteemed fashion houses like Gucci and Versace. And when these patches were not gracing the runway, they were very much still in demand.

Unbeknownst to many, patches have a very prominent fixture in the corporate and academic world. It might have started with the letterman jacket, but it soon became a necessary part of uniforms in all sectors. Patches hold a lot of importance as they represent the name of the company or the school the individual belongs to.

Not just in the business world but in the military sector too. Patches are a cardinal part of soldiers' uniforms describing their rank and details. So, it would not be false to state that if the fashion world were to drop patches, they would never truly go off the map.

One of the best things about patches is their endless diversity. From having multiple types of patches to having various backing options, you can never really get bored. And with the option of custom patches that allow you to unleash your creativity, it does not really get any better than that.

At The Patchio, we strive to do our part in helping the patches industry flourish. And the only way we can even dream of attempting that is through ultimate customer satisfaction. If the consumers are happy with the products, we as a company have accomplished what we set out to do. And to ensure that each customer of ours is satisfied, we go all-in regarding the quality of our products.

We do this by making sure that the raw materials used to create patches are of the best quality there is. This helps us guarantee that whatever patch you choose will be durable and last you a good while.

One great thing about patches is that there is no limit to the patch sizes. Patches are as miscellaneous as they come from standard patch sizes to custom-made on demand. You could always refer to the patch size chart if you are in a conundrum about what size to choose.

However, if you are still confused, below is a concise guide on patch sizes that aims to answer any question you have.

Custom Uniform Patches

A Guide on Standard Patch Sizes

Although there are numerous different patch size options available, people always ask questions regarding the ideal size. Well, to answer that question, it all depends on the surface you want to put the patch on and the kind of patch you want.

The quality is definitely going to differ with the kind of patch and patch size. This is because each patch has that one size it looks the best on. However, it is an established fact that the bigger the size, the better the details and quality of the patch. Especially if we talk about custom embroidered patches, a 4-inch patch cannot hold the kind of detail a 9-inch patch can.

So, suppose you are looking for the standard patch size or the right patch size for a specific surface. In that case, below is a list of different ways to use patches and the ideal patch size for each of them:

Girl / Boy Scout Patches

The standard patch size is around 3 inches.

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Official Police Duty Patches

Whether it is for the fire department or for the security, the ideal patch size lies around 4-inches to 5-inches.

Police Patches Design

Biker Club Patches

Considering that biker club patches have a lot of details on them, not to mention the name of their club, the size needs to be more significant. Therefore, the patch size for bikers generally revolves around 12-inches. The idea place for it is on the back of their jackets.

Patches on Bikers

Logo Patches

These kinds of patches are used excessively in the corporate and academic world. The patch size requirement is to be large enough to make out the name or logo of the brand or school. Therefore, the standard patch size for logo patches is usually 3.5-inches.

Sports Patches

For Sports patches, the emphasis is often not on the size of the patch but on the quantity of it. Most of the time, these patches represent sponsors along with the player's number. This is why the patch size for sports patches is generally never above 3-inches.

Soccer Player Patches Design

Hat Patches

If we consider any hat's total surface area, there isn't much space for a big patch. Therefore, the majority of the hat patch sizes lie between 2-inches and 3-inches.

Hat Patches PVC Leather

Patches for Jackets

Where jackets are concerned, there is really no limit to how big or small you can go, patch size-wise. You can have a patch as small as 2-inches or as large as 13-inches; it will probably look fabulous either way.

If you still find yourself unsure about the size of patch you need, you can always refer to a patch size chart. These will help you choose the correct size in regards to the kind of surface you want to put it on.

The Bottom Line

The Patchio has always been foremost in all things patch related. And in an ever-growing industry, for a company to hold its footing and rise above all, you need resilience and iron will. And we have both in surplus.

This is why we can proudly guarantee the quality and longevity of the patches, as we have put herculean efforts into making them the best amongst all.

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