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Why Choose PVC Patches As Your Boat Cover Patches?

Why Choose PVC Patches As Your Boat Cover Patches?

When it comes to custom patches, PVC patches are quite unique, not just due to appearance but also because of a series of other qualities. And it’s because of these qualities that custom PVC patches are popular amongst brands that produce goods for outdoor use. Boat cover patches, for instance, commonly feature PVC.

Why is that specifically so? Let’s find out!

Boat Cover Patches: What Makes PVC The Best Contender?

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)—the material behind those vibrant and versatile PVC patches you’ve seen—is very robust. The soft, flexible kind used in custom patches is colored with dyes to create the shades needed in patches. Sometimes, PVC and silicone are mixed to create even stronger patches. The melted, colored PVC is set into custom molds and then layered with the desired patch backing.

The final result is great-looking patches. The vibrancy of PVC patches is unrivaled, as no other patches can quite exhibit the natural brilliance of colored PVC. Also, the colors don't fade easily and the dyes are melded into the material. You'll find that your custom PVC patches look as good as new for a long, long time!

The visual appeal of PVC patches is not the only defining quality that makes it a superb choice for boat cover patches. Here are the top reasons why you should go for PVC as your boat cover patches:

Withstands Moisture Without Budging Integrity

PVC, the regular kind, is actually used in insulation wiring and water pipes. In other words, this material can withstand constant exposure to moisture. That's why PVC patches are the perfect choice for anything that needs to brave heavy rain or constant contact with water…like boat covers.

Unlike other popular types of custom patches, such as chenille or embroidered patches, PVC patches won't lose their form if water is continuously present around them. Of course, you need high-quality PVC patch products to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Simple To Install With Professional Expertise

While PVC patches are not as flexible as embroidered or woven patches, the soft polyvinyl chloride material is not that tricky to attach to boat covers. Since it can bend and flawlessly take on the shape of the surface it is applied on, you can rely on sew-on PVC patches for your boat covers.

If you’re using PVC patches for customizing your bags or as shoe charms, you can use a strong adhesive to apply your patches. For uniform patches, hook-and-snap backing (otherwise known as Velcro backing) works perfectly.

However, for boat cover patches, you need to sew on PVC patches. Get these professionally applied for a flawless look, and your boat covers will look just grand!

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Hassle-Free Cleaning & Maintenance For Boat Cover Patches

PVC patches are a breeze to maintain, making them an irresistible option for boat cover branding. These patches feature a plastic-rubber blend, which means they're resistant to staining even when exposed to the ‘grimiest’ grime.

If you happen to get mud or other questionable stuff on your boat cover patches, all you need is a damp cloth to wipe it off. For more stubborn stains, a bit of soapy water will do the trick. Our experts at ThePatchio use top-quality PVC only, which does not stain easily and you can clean it without much effort. Whether you're using them as boat cover patches or custom-made patches for outdoor gear, you can relax knowing that maintaining PVC patches will not be a problem.

Boat Cover Patches That Have Incredible Durability

Why should boat cover brands use PVC patches as a marketing tool? These are the perfect examples of durability—probably the most durable patches of all!

Unlike fabric-based patches, such as embroidered patches, or even leather patches, PVC patches are highly resistant to wear and tear, as well as corrosive environmental elements. This means that they can withstand tough outdoor conditions and continue to look good over time.

That's why custom PVC patches are a popular choice as logos, emblems, and other artwork for brands that manufacture goods for outdoor activities like hiking, shooting, water sports, airsoft, etc. These patches are designed to stay tough in the face of rough treatment, making them a must-have option for boat cover patches.

Cost-Effective In The Long Run

PVC patches may appear pricier initially because of the requirement of custom mold and the advanced equipment involved in making these. However, their remarkable lifespan as boat cover patches can actually result in cost savings for you in the long term.

By lasting long and subsequently reducing the need for frequent replacements, PVC patches for boat covers are cost-effective for brands as well as any individual artists who opt for these are their choice of custom patches. Moreover, repeat orders can be more affordable as there is no need for your patch manufacturer to create the mold again.

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How To Order Boat Cover Patches?

Want to create boat cover patches that look amazing, hit the mark for brand identity, are easy to apply, and last long? Here are a few tips:

Use A High-Quality Image File

One of the quality features of PVC patches is the sharpness of the design. However, you still need to pay attention to the source graphics. To enable your patch artists to transform your logo or any other artwork into a stunning PVC patch for a boat cover, provide a high-resolution image when placing your order. If you are sourcing an image from the internet, it's important to double-check its quality.

Use Colors & Designs That Stand Out

Boat covers usually feature subtle, neutral shades, so it won’t be a problem to create patches that stand out. However, for the sake of visibility on foggy shores, go for bright and bold colors. Also, PVC boat cover patches should be large enough for clarity. You can create PVC patches as large as 15 inches in width and height with some patch manufacturers.

Less Is More For Cost-Effective, Attractive Results

Simplicity is key for appealing PVC patches that don’t break the back. While have the freedom to incorporate various colors and patterns, it doesn't necessarily mean you should. It's important to choose simpler designs for boat cover patches to allow the main elements of the artwork to stand out, such as the name, logo, symbol, and so on.

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