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A Guide to Fire Department Maltese Cross PVC Patches

A Guide to Fire Department Maltese Cross PVC Patches

Firefighters retain one of the most challenging jobs on this planet. They struggle and are willing to sacrifice their lives to save others in danger. Moreover, they usually have higher endurance levels.

You might have often seen in movies how instantly they arrive and rush into the fire without worrying about their own lives. Well, we all deserve such heroes in our society.

However, what about a twist? What if you consider their attire elements for a few minutes and notice valuable things? Yes, this article is going to enlighten you with something different.

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Maltese Cross patches represent the badges. This cross is a symbol of protection that honors the story that happened hundreds of years before.

On the holy land, Knights of St. John, a brave band of crusaders, battled Saracens. The weapon that they faced was fire, which proved horrible for the warriors.

This caused severe pain and deaths, risking the lives of many knights. The fire burned most of them alive. During this agony, a number of knights helped others to escape the fire.

After this event, the fellow crusaders awarded a badge of honor to every knight who sacrificed his existence. Since then, the firefighters have had badges or patches with a similar protection symbol.

Moreover, the name Maltese Cross specifies a small island named Malta in the Mediterranean Sea, from where those knights belonged.

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Benefits of Maltese Cross PVC Patches

An Honor to Firefighters

The most obvious reason and benefit is to honor the Knight of St. John. Their sacrifices and encouragement of safeguarding others is a lesson for firefighters to follow.

Furthermore, if you are aiming to buy Maltese Cross PVC patches without being in the field of firefighting, it shows how much you know history.

Also, it shows you love to help others too and can do anything to protect innocent souls.

PVC Is Resistant to Ignition

Maltese Cross PVC patches are also less prone to fire. This is not only for a specific design, in actually, PVC as a whole is a good resistance to ignition.

You can attach these patches to multiple attires or accessories to protect its compartments and items inside. For outdoors that are prone to fire, you should consider wearing PVC patches.

Maltese Cross PVC Patches Are Durable

They can endure not just fire but also other hazards. For example, they are best for rainfall, dust, and washing. You should first consult the shopping outlets regarding the materials used.

Also, such patches on a jacket while being on a bike is something valuable to consider today. You can wear them during snowfall as well.

Kids Can Depict Their Ambitions

If kids adore wearing fire department patches, it represents their enthusiasm toward this profession. This means either they respect firefighters a lot or they want to become one in the future.

Moreover, it is also a sign of affection. Most kids have parents working in this department. Therefore, they pay tribute to their loved ones whenever they can.

Besides, these patches are flexible and soft, too, somehow harmless for children

Buying Guide for Maltese Cross PVC Patches

Carefully Notice the Patch Design

You are aiming for Maltese Cross fire department patches. This means the design of the patches should exactly match that symbol.

In terms of its look, the Maltese Cross comprises a cross with four ‘V’ shaped elements. We have also seen certain texts and symbols inside this cross on the internet.

For example, there is a text of the fire department, a ladder, and a firefighter cap.

Verify the Patch Material

You should verify that the patches products you are about to buy comprise original PVC. You should know how this material feels and what this material looks like.

Many sellers can dodge with similar-looking materials. In order to prevent this, you can consult a specialist beforehand or ask your friends for recommendations.

Also, we provide 100% genuine material patches; therefore, there is nothing to worry about while dealing with us.

Cost Requirements

Whether you are shopping for built-in or custom PVC patches, make sure to investigate your budget first. You cannot spend all your money just on one design, despite them being valuable.

Moreover, the cost of patches also associates itself with the quantity of order. Most sellers facilitate their customers with wholesale features; therefore, avail it if this suits you the most.

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Avoid Over Flaunting

Now, here is a thing. Honoring a courageous event like the Knights of St. John is good. You are showing how much you value those brave people, including today’s firefighters.

Nevertheless, you might also give the viewers a wrong impression. In the time of disaster, people might think you are a firefighter because of that patch or badge.

Therefore, you should take extra care while wearing these patches. Besides, we doubt that some regions will not permit you to wear these patches publicly.

Also, there is no need to overthink; you can consider our custom patches and buy another design instead.

Last but not least, we have an amazing guide on tips and tricks for maintaining PVC patches.


PVC patches with the Maltese Cross symbol are highly regarded. Firefights still wear them to honor the sacrifices of Knights of St. John. Also, they represent protection and bravery.

PVC material alongside these kinds of patches enhances their durability. It has the expertise to tolerate harsh weather and is clearly waterproof.

In order to buy these patches, you can explore the Maltese Cross sign yourself first and then verify it on the patches you are going to buy.

Moreover, material quality and your budget play a significant role as well. Besides, you are always welcome to purchase patches from us.

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