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7 Tips For Designing Embroidered Patches For Caps

7 Tips For Designing Embroidered Patches For Caps

Embroidered patches for caps—now there’s a fun idea. Though not uncommon, embroidered patches allow a ton of creativity, which means you can design hundreds of embroidered patches for caps, and still come up with something unique and charming.

That said, not all embroidered patches deliver the appeal you want. Pay attention to the features of your embroidered patch, especially when it comes to patches for branding.

Designing Embroidered Patches For Caps – Handy Tips

Designing embroidery patches for caps is an exciting process. And with attention to the shape, size, design, and other graphic elements of the patch, you can ensure that your embroidered patches for caps turn out perfect. Read on!

1. Compare Cap & Patch Sizes

First up in an embroidered patch design: patch size. While you can play around with sizes for shirt and jacket patches, caps are different. A too-small embroidered patch will fail to stand out, while a too-large patch will take over the stylishness of the cap itself.

Ideally, you should go for embroidered patches with a height that does not exceed 3 inches and that the width is not more than around 4-5 inches (for logos). If you need to apply lettering patches on caps, make sure that the entire word (or words) is as much front and center as possible. A large patch that goes around the cap may sound appealing but is not practical. Matching your sample patch against a cap or hat will help you get a clearer idea of the aesthetics.

2. Match Patch Colors Against Background

A crucial rule when it comes to custom embroidered patches (or any kind of patches for that matter): try to keep the patch colors and background (cap) colors different and preferably contrasting. This may not be possible if you're handing out patches solo to team or club members to put on a cap of their choice. Although, you can invest in a neutral dark or light merrowed edge (we’ll discuss this later) to eliminate the blending issue in embroidered patches for caps.

3. Go Bold & Loud For Standout Patches

Bright colors, bold lettering, striking patterns, and designs—all of these are necessary elements for designing embroidery patches for caps that are eye-catching. Logo patches or any other kind of branding patches intended for promotional purposes need these characteristics. When you can't go for quantity—given that there is a size limitation for cap patches—go for quality, preferably as loud as possible.

The trick is to choose contrasts in your custom patches products. Neutral backgrounds are always a good canvas for standout designs. Since you want the onlookers to focus on the name and logo when they see an embroidered patch on a cap, make sure your design is aesthetically charming.

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4. Add Metallics To Your Basic Threads

Speaking of bold and beautiful embroidered patch designs, nothing works as well as metallic threads. In fact, these are amongst popular embroidery patch trends for logos and emblems. Metallic threads add another level of charm to your custom embroidered patch. Not only can you enhance the vividness of the design but also highlight what's important—e.g. the name of the biker club for which you are designing the patches.

Another great idea, albeit a bit unique in traditional embroidered patches for branding, is neon threads. These are better suited with a dark patch so that the neon details look clear and appealing.

5. Pick Sew-On Patches For Durability

Although, one of the benefits of custom embroidery patches on uniforms and other garments is that you can choose the convenience of iron-on. However, when choosing a backing for embroidered patches for caps or hats, backless patches (or sew-on patches) are a perfect choice. Why?

Stitching a patch on a surface is a way to enhance its durability. When it comes to caps, using an iron to attach patches may be a tad awkward, not to mention likely to result in an imperfect result. Instead, get your patches stitched by a professional.

However, if you are handing out embroidered patches for caps as giveaways (such as at networking events or exhibitions), then an iron-on patch is a good idea. People can decide for themselves what’s more convenient for them to do: iron it on, sew it, or do both.

6. Merrowed Vs. Hot-Cut Embroidered Patches

When it comes to designing embroidered patches for caps, you can go for one of two border finishing: merrowed and hot-cut borders.

Merrowed border embroidered patches have raised corners (edges), as the stitching is done once the main patch design is completed. These edges make your patch stand out, useful if you intend your patch to be placed on a colored or printed surface. On the other hand, hot-cut border custom embroidered patches are flatter and flexible, finished using heat to cut and sealed off to keep the threads from fraying.

Both kinds of borders bring something to embroidered patches for caps—the merrowed edge has superior durability, while the hot-cut edge is more malleable for the curved shape of a cap. However, considered merrowed edges when ordering custom patches online, as these have that clean, quality finish that makes them more aesthetically appealing.

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7. Consider 3D Puff Embroidery Patches

How to make custom embroidery patches more interesting? Much like 3D PVC patches, you also get the 3-Dimensional option for embroidered patches. 3D puff patches are stitched similarly to regular embroidered patches, except that foam is added underneath the embroidery to create a tactile effect.

These patches are popular for caps and hats and other accessories because they create a nice textured look. Unlike shirts, jeans, jackets, and other regularly-worn items, caps do not have to be washed often or put in a dryer cycle, which means that the 3D puff patches maintain integrity without hassle. The beauty of 3D puff patches is that they look amazing even if you choose embroidered patches for caps with just one color. The raised look alone elevates the oomph factor of the final patch product!

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